Cannabis flower in a mason jar and in a grinder, on a table next to rolling paper

How to Build a Cannabis Smoking Kit

If you like to smoke flower, there’s a good chance you already have your cannabis smoking kit started. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon, though. In this guide, we’ll get into why you should have a marijuana smoke kit, what should be a part of your kit, and the things you should consider before you make a purchase for your kit.

What is a Cannabis Smoking Kit?

Think about your next smoking session. Everything you need, from the flower to the storage containers, lighter, rolling papers, and more, are required tools for you to have a successful session. Those tools make up your cannabis smoking kit. They’re the essential tools and accessories that ensure you’re able to grind, roll, pack, light, smoke, and store your cannabis the way you enjoy it.

Essential Tools & Accessories for Your Smoking Kit

While the marijuana tools and accessories may vary by brand, size, and price tag, they tend to be similar in the reason why they should be added to your smoker's kit. Here are just a few of the must-have essentials to add to your kit for cannabis:


Pulling your marijuana flower apart with your fingers is messy business, and there is a good chance you’ll lose valuable kief. A great grinder (we recommend one with a kief catcher) is essential to making sure you capture every valuable part of your bud, an even grind, and a contained mess. Just make sure you clean your grinder regularly.

Pipe or Bong

Everyone has their favorite smoking devices. Some people love pipes, others prefer bongs. Then there are those cannabis enthusiasts who swear by bubblers and chillums. No matter what your preferred smoking tools are. you’ll need to make sure they’re available in your smoking kit.

Lighter or Hemp Wick

At the very least, if you enjoy flower, you’re going to need a lighter. However, if you want a better experience that won’t change the flavor of your smoke, you should opt for a hemp wick. It’ll keep your marijuana lit without tarnishing that terpene-rich taste.

Storage Containers

Storing your marijuana correctly is probably one of the most important things to do to ensure your marijuana lasts to your next session or sessions. Make sure your kit has good-quality containers available.

Rolling Tray

For those DIY cannabis rollers, a rolling tray is an essential addition to your kit. It keeps your cannabis contained in one spot and prevents a sticky mess on your counter. Plus, they look cool. What’s not to love about them?

Rolling Paper

Once you get good at rolling your own joints, you’ll likely have a preferred type of rolling paper you like to use. Make sure you have a stash of those papers available in your kit for easy rolling.

Stash Box

Your stash box is a tool designed to hold, at minimum, your cannabis, but there are stash boxes big enough to hold your entire kit. Depending on your budget and whether you want to take your kit with you or leave it at home, you can find all different types of stash boxes to suit your needs.

Other Considerations for Cannabis Smoking Tools

Building a smoke kit will require you to think about more than just the tools that go into your kit. Here are three things we recommend you keep top of mind when you’re making the perfect kit for your marijuana consumption habits:

Budget: Don’t blow all your coin on the best pipe, only to have nothing to spend on your flower, grinder, and storage containers. Plan how much you want to spend in total, and then find the products that will help you adhere to that budget. While you may not be able to get that fancy pipe you’ve been eyeing, you’ll be able to enjoy your cannabis without breaking the bank, and that’s a win-win every day.


Frequency: You might think that how frequently you consume cannabis only requires you to think about the amount of cannabis you purchase at a time, but that’s not the case. The number of times you enjoy cannabis each week can help you decide the kind of quality you’ll need in your tools. That way, they’ll hold up for the long term.


Location: Where you consume your cannabis matters. If you prefer to take your cannabis on the go to a private residence, you will want to have a smoke kit that’s portable. If you enjoy your cannabis at home, you can splurge on larger and even more artistic pieces that are difficult or too breakable to be transported. (Just remember that you only consume your cannabis products on private property with owner permission!)


Answering FAQs About Smoking Accessories

Building a smoking kit with the right accessories is easy, once you know what you’re doing. Here are a few things to consider when you get ready to shop:

Where can I buy marijuana tools?
We’d be lying if we told you that these tools aren’t all over the internet, but you’re not going to find the same quality online as you will at your local dispensary. We recommend always getting your cannabis tools from a state-licensed dispensary.

How much does it cost to buy cannabis accessories?
Cannabis accessories can cost as much or as little as you need them to. Most products flex from entry-level pricing to experienced canna-connoisseur budgets, so we recommend establishing how much you want to spend and then going from there.

How do I know which tools to buy?
Your budtender can do more than sell you cannabis. They’re there to help you find all the products you need, including tools for your smoke kit. Visit your local dispensary and talk to a budtender.

More About Marijuana Tools & Accessories

The great thing about the cannabis industry is that most dispensaries have a lot of products online, so you can see what they carry in-store and get a good idea of how much you’ll need to budget and what you should get. Of course, if you don’t see something you want, or if you have questions about a certain cannabis tool, just talk to a budtender at your shop. They’ll help you get everything you need to build your own custom smoking kit.  

Recreational cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and certified patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.