Cannabis buds coated in kief sitting on the moon with an astronaut in the background

What Are Moon Rocks & How Are They Consumed

Moon rocks are a unique product packed with cannabinoids—especially THC. If you’re ready to take off to new heights with your cannabis flower, then moon rocks are the perfect product for you. In this guide, we’ll share everything we know about “infused flower,” including:

  • What is a Moon Rock?
  • How are Moon Rocks Made?
  • How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?
  • How to Make Moon Rocks at Home
  • Pros & Cons of Moonrocks
  • Moon Rock FAQs

What is a Moon Rock?

Moon rocks, sometimes referred to as cannabis caviar or infused flower, are a highly potent mixture of marijuana flower, concentrate, and kief. The product gets its moniker because of its astronomical THC levels—the psychoactive effects have some cannabis enthusiasts feeling like they’re walking on the moon.

Recently, Moon Rock products have started to expand into new avenues. For instance, some cannabis companies have created moon rocks that are THC free and have a high CBD content. Others cater to people who prefer to shop for pre-rolls designed to emulate the moon rock experience. They’re created by coating a finished pre-roll in concentrate and rolling it in kief. This allows you to experience Moon Rocks without having to make them yourself and deal with the mess. 

What Are Moon Rocks Made Of? 

Making moon rocks is easier than you might think. You take a strain of marijuana flower—often Girl Scout Cookies—and coat it with a concentrate. The easiest concentrate to use is hash oil, though it truly depends on your own preferences. Once the flower is covered in concentrate, you roll it in kief, the dried trichomes from the cannabis flower. This process ensures you are adding the potency of the original flower to both the concentrate’s and kief’s potencies. 

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are usually quite sticky so you have to adjust your smoking process a little to avoid making a mess and ruining your valuable cannabis. To start, you’re going to want to use scissors instead of a grinder to break your moon rocks into more consumable pieces. Then, grab a glass hand pipe or water pipe. (Whatever you do, don’t try to roll moon rocks into rolling papers for a “joint” or blunt.)

Now, take your smaller pieces of moon rocks and gently place them into the bowl of the pipe. You don’t want to pack it too tightly. If you really want to get fancy, add a hemp wick too. This will keep you from having to hold the flame to your pipe for long periods of time and inhale the fumes. Now, just smoke as you would normally.

How to Make Moon Rocks at Home

Anyone can make moon rocks, as long as you have the right materials. For example, if you have a favorite strain and a favorite extract, these can be great combinations for creating moon rocks. You can purchase kief or collect it with a grinder, and you simply roll your concentrate-coated nug in the kief. From there, you can smoke or vape your moon rocks. 

If you’re not really interested in making your own moon rocks, don’t worry. Many dispensaries sell pre-made moon rocks to make it easy to experience them without having to get your fingers sticky making them.

Pros of Smoking or Vaporizing Moon Rocks?

As with any cannabis product, the positives of smoking or vaporizing THC moon rocks are going to depend wholly on your preferences as a cannabis enthusiast. In general, here are some pros:

  • If you want to experience the psychoactive qualities of marijuana, this may be a product for you to consider. While it’s true that moon rocks are only as powerful as you make them, there’s no question they can be quite potent with the right combination of flower, concentrate, and kief. 
  • If you’re buying premade moon rocks, they can be more cost-effective than trying to buy all three ingredients separately and putting them together yourself. 

Of course, with any pro, there are also cons. 

Cons of Smoking or Vaporizing Moon Rocks

For some cannabis consumers, moon rocks are a no-go out of the gate. Here are a couple reasons why some people don’t like moon rocks:

  • Because moon rocks are so potent, the consumer may feel overpowered by the experience. If you don’t use cannabis for this reason or prefer not to feel extreme psychoactive qualities, then you’ll probably want to avoid moon rocks.
  • There are limited consumption methods available with moon rocks. This is because they’re so wet and sticky that rolling paper will absorb the moisture. You also can’t place them in your grinder or that will also end up very wet and messy.

Ultimately, you have to decide what’s right for you. If you like potent products, moon rocks are worth a try. If you prefer pre-rolls or dried flower without any add-ons, you might want to opt for different products than moon rocks.

Answering FAQs About THC Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are one of those fun, fascinating cannabis products that people learn about as they get deeper into the industry. So it stands to reason we get a lot of questions about them. Here are some of our most frequently asked and answered questions:

What is in moonrocks?
There are three ingredients in cannabis moon rocks: marijuana flower, a concentrate of some kind, and kief. The potency of moon rocks depends entirely on the strain of flower and the potency of your concentrate. In general, moon rocks are considered to be extremely potent.

How potent are moonrocks?
The THC levels in moon rocks typically reach at least 50%, though they can go much, much higher depending on the strain, the concentrate, and the kief. 

Can you make your own moonrocks?
Yes. You need dried flower, a concentrate, and kief. Coat your flower in concentrate and then roll it in kief. Voila, you have a moon rock. 

Purchasing Cannabis Moon Rocks

If you want to try moon rocks, you have two options. You can purchase them ready-made off the shelf, or you can purchase the materials you need to make them. While making them yourself allows for a much more customized experience, purchasing them can be a great, budget-friendly option for people who aren’t sure they want to invest into moon rocks until they’re sure they like them. Whichever option you choose, next time you’re visiting a dispensary, ask for help from one of our expert budtenders. They’ll help you find moon rocks or get the materials you need to make them yourself.

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