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Rosemont now open | 9 am - 9 pm
Galena grand opening Friday, March 5 | 12 pm - 9 pm
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Verilife Illinois Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis + Knowledge + Experts =


Whether you’re seeking relief or relaxation, focus, or fun, there’s a path to safe, informed marijuana use. Experience the warm, welcoming, and supportive guidance of the Verilife community so you can confidently choose the marijuana products that fit your lifestyle.


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Rosemont | Now Open

Located at the Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District.
5540 Park Place | Rosemont

Galena | Grand Opening Friday, March 5

12 pm - 9 pm

Located off Main Street in downtown Galena.
115 Perry Street | Galena

sour gummy bites.

Bursting with fruit flavors, Matter premium cannabis-infused sour gummy bites give your taste buds the perfect punctuation to the day.  Every bite is vegan friendly and made with emulsified THC for faster-acting onsets.


Wild Berry
5mg THC

Mixed Berry Spots have a 1:0 THC to CBD ratio which delivers euphoric and uplifting psychoactive effects.

1mg THC: 4mg CBD

Apple Spots 1:4 THC to CBD edibles deliver relaxing, but potent qualities with fewer psychoactive effects.

5mg THC

Watermelon Spots have a 1:0 THC to CBD ratio which delivers euphoric and uplifting psychoactive effects. 

 Acai pomegranate
1mg THC: 1mg CBD

Acai Pomegranate Spots 1:1 THC to CBD edibles deliver potent qualities with balanced effects. 

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Matter Origins Razzmatazz d8 Vape

What makes the Matter Origins Razzmatazz d8 Vape so special?

It's enhanced with delta 8 THC and created with live cannabis terpenes. This combination has been described as promoting a relaxed and focused experience, perfect for any time! To learn more about this winning vape, check out our blog on What is Delta 8.


Leave cash behind

Looking for a kinder way to pay? Verilife now offers a cashless, digital, and secure way to pay for cannabis. Simple to register, 100% secure and you pay with a quick scan of your mobile phone. 

Sign up and get $10 off your purchase the 1st time you use!


Recreational marijuana

Verilife is thrilled to guide you through your experience! Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, here are some things you can expect on your visit to Verilife.


Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Illinois

Have questions on how to apply for an Illinois medical marijuana card? Watch our step by step video on how to become a medical marijuana patient. 

Connect with a practitioner

Connect virtually with a licensed practitioner to find out if medical marijuana is right for you.


Already a medical marijuana patient?

Now you can switch to Verilife in real-time.


illinois medical marijuana qualifying conditions

Find out what conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in Illinois.

Learn more about how to get an Illinois medical marijuana card.

Discover the Verilife difference, our commitment to our customers, and products designed to help them live their best life.


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