Marijuana blunt on a table next to two cannabis flower nuggets

What Are Blunts?

Even if you’re the newest of new to the cannabis industry, chances are good that you’ve heard of blunts. Blunts have been popular for longer than you may think (since the middle of the 1800s, even), and they continue to be popular among cannabis enthusiasts who love to smoke. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about blunts, including: 

  • What is a Blunt?
  • Why is it Called a Blunt
  • What Makes a Blunt Different From a Pre-Roll?
  • FAQs About Blunts

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is, essentially, a marijuana cigar or cigarillo (depending on how thick the blunt is). It contains ground cannabis which is rolled in either leaves or cigar paper. Some people incorrectly assume a blunt is just a thicker, fatter pre-roll, but the truth is, the term “blunt” refers to the size and shape.

Why is it Called a Blunt?

The term “blunt” refers to the round, or blunted, tip of this popular cannabis product. However, if you want the full history of the blunt, you’ll need to travel back to the mid-1800s when cannabis made its way to the Caribbean. Cannabis traveled to Jamaica from India, then began to spread throughout the islands. Traditional consumption tools like pipes and rolling paper weren’t widely available, so Jamaicans decided to roll their flower in dried tobacco and hemp leaves. Modern blunts became available in the United States in the 1980s when many Caribbean natives began moving to New York City. 

What Makes a Blunt Different From a Pre-Roll?

You may hear the terms “blunt” and “pre-roll” used interchangeably. However, these two types of cannabis products have very distinct differences:

  • Type of Paper: A pre-roll uses thin, slightly translucent rolling paper that can come in a variety of colors and prints. Blunts purchased at a dispensary are rolled in thick, unbleached paper, so they are wider and brown in appearance.
  • Amount of Cannabis: Blunts typically contain 1 - 2 grams of flower, compared to the 0.5 - 1 gram of flower in pre-rolls. This is because blunts tend to be larger and use a thicker paper to accommodate more cannabis.  
  • Burn Time: This is one of the main reasons some cannabis consumers prefer blunts over pre-rolls. Because blunts contain more cannabis and have thicker paper, the burn time is going to be much longer than a pre-roll.

If you are a cannabis newbie, blunts may not be the place to start. Because blunts typically contain more cannabis, the effects can be stronger than a pre-roll.

Answering FAQs About Blunts

Despite them being common, we actually get a lot of questions about blunts. To make it easier, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get here: 

Are blunts stronger than pre-rolls?
The physical reaction to consuming cannabis is different for everyone, but typically blunts will present stronger effects than pre-rolls. This is due to the fact that blunts simply contain more flower than pre-rolls.

Do blunts have nicotine in them?
If you are purchasing a blunt from a state-licensed dispensary, they will not contain nicotine. 

How much are blunts?
Blunts come in a variety of price points depending on the amount of blunts in each package, the local costs, and the state taxes. Check out your local dispensary menus for more information.

Shopping for Blunts

If you’re interested in trying a blunt, head down to your local dispensary. The cannabis experts on staff can help you find the right products and strains for you. 

Recreational Cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and medical marijuana patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.