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  1. Hybrid
    Tincture - Relief - 30ml
    Tincture - Relief - 30ml
    size 30ml
    thcmg 52.2mg
    cbdmg 50.4mg
  2. Indica
    Tincture - Rest - 30ml
    Tincture - Rest - 30ml
    size 30ml
    thcmg 95mg
    cbdmg 19.5mg
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Buy Marijuana Tinctures at Your Local Dispensary 

Cannabis tinctures are liquid cannabis extracts that are made by soaking cannabis flower in a solvent, typically alcohol or glycerin. The resulting liquid, which is full of cannabinoids and terpenes, is then strained and bottled with a dropper for easy dosing.

Most tinctures are meant to be consumed sublingually or buccally, meaning they are placed under the tongue or against the cheek and absorbed through the mouth, but they can also be added to food or drink. There are even some people who mix their tincture with their lotion and apply it to their skin.

Talking up tinctures is easy—they’re versatile, discreet, and fast acting. We also sell them in a range of potencies and cannabinoid profiles. Depending on the strain the tincture is made from, you can find high THC tinctures or tinctures that come with a ratio of THC to CBD. Of course, you can also purchase full-spectrum tinctures which keep all the cannabinoids from the flower, allowing you to experience the entourage effect every time you consume your tincture. Just remember, because tinctures contain a high concentration of cannabinoids, cannabis enthusiasts will be able to feel the effects quickly.

Another reason we enjoy tinctures is because of how easy it is to dose them. Place a couple of drops under your tongue and wait between 15-30 minutes. If you don’t feel anything, you can dose another couple drops. Using this method, you can figure out how much product you need for your tolerance levels without creating an unpleasant experience. This makes tinctures great for both seasoned cannabis connoisseurs and new enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a cannabis product that doesn’t require smoking or eating extra calories, marijuana tinctures are a great option. Next time you’re visiting one of our dispensaries, talk to your budtender about the options we have available for tinctures. You may just discover your new favorite cannabis product.