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What is a Solventless Concentrate?

Every industry has their purists, and when it comes to cannabis, the purists love and swear by solventless concentrates. But what are they and how are they different from solvent-free concentrates? Let’s dive in and talk about solventless concentrates and answer the questions:

  • What Does ‘Solventless Extract’ Mean?
  • What Concentrates are Solventless?
  • Why Are Solventless Concentrates Becoming So Popular?
  • Solventless Concentrates FAQs

What Does ‘Solventless Extract’ Mean?

A solventless extract is a concentrate made without the use of any kind of chemical solvent, like CO2 or BHO. Rather, solventless concentrates utilize heat, pressure, and patience during the extraction process. 

Cannabis enthusiasts who wish to preserve the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids in their marijuana tend to prefer more natural extraction techniques. This prevents the important compounds within cannabis from being affected by a solvent. The truth is, however, that the industry’s solvent-based concentrates are heavily regulated, ensuring that no solvent remains in the final product.

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What Concentrates are Solventless

While the terms ‘solventless’ and ‘solvent-free’ sound the same, they are not. Solventless refers to an extraction technique that does not require solvents. Solvent-free encompasses all concentrates, since, regardless of the extraction method, you are not going to have solvents in the product you purchase.

However, if you are looking for concentrates that are extracted without the use of solvents, you may want to consider: 

  • Budder: Budder is a concentrate that has a cake-frosting consistency and is prized for its high THC levels. 
  • Rosin: Rosin is formed through heat and pressure to the cannabis flower to make a syrup-like substance.
  • Hash: Hash is created by compressing cannabis trichomes and resin glands until it’s nearly solid. 

Why Are Solventless Concentrates Becoming So Popular?

Solventless extracts are popular because they are flavorful, potent, and pure. As more and more cannabis enthusiasts seek out the most natural experience possible with their marijuana, they’re paying attention to what goes into making their favorite concentrates. While solvent-free extraction techniques remove the chemicals at the end of the extraction process, there are many connoisseurs who feel that no matter what is done, the marijuana may still been chemically changed. These chemical changes can potentially affect the flavors and the potency (though there are many solvent-free concentrates that are highly potent). 

Answering Solventless Concentrates FAQs

As more people take interest in how their favorite cannabis product is made, solventless concentrates are growing in popularity. Check out the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions below:

Are solventless concentrates better for you? 
It’s a common misconception that chemical-based extraction methods are inferior to solventless extraction. Since the final product will be chemical-free regardless of the method, it comes down to the individual consumer’s preference. 

What’s the difference between solventless vs. solvent-free?
While the final product of both solventless and solvent-free cannabis is a marijuana concentrate with no solvent, they are slightly different from one another. This is because solventless concentrates have never had any solvent added to them. Solvent-free products had a solvent added to them before it was completely removed from the final product. 

Can I make solventless extracts at home?
If you have a cannabis grinder, you likely already have some: kief! That dusting found at the bottom of the chamber is packed with trichomes and cannabinoids. You can also make different types of hash at home without the use of any chemical solvents–however, we always recommend purchasing from a state-licensed dispensary as certain extraction processes can be dangerous. 

Purchasing Solventless Concentrates

If you’re looking to make it easy on yourself and purchase your solventless concentrate, visit a dispensary near you. Depending on your dispensary’s availability, you can find a variety of options for you to try. Of course, if you’re unsure where to even start, talk to one of our budtenders. They’re available to help you find the right products and tools to consume them. 

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