"710" spelled out in cannabis oil on a white sheet held up by two hands

What is 7/10: The Dabbers Holiday?

Have you heard of the dabber's holiday? If you turn the number 710 upside-down, it spells "oil." That's the reason why July 10 is a holiday in the cannabis industry. Although lesser-known than 4/20, 710 celebrates cannabis concentrates.

Read on to discover:

  • What is 7/10 Day?
  • Origins of the 7/10 Holiday
  • How to be 7/10-Friendly on National Dab Day
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is 7/10 Day?

A niche holiday in the cannabis industry, 7/10 Day offers opportunities for discounts, sales, and special product offerings centered on cannabis oil products. Although July 10 is also known as Dab Day, dabs aren't the only product consumers could see on a 7/10 Day promotion. Rosin, oils, vape cartridges and vape pens can all play a role in 7/10 Day.1

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a way to consume cannabis concentrates that hold their form and can handle the high temperatures involved in the process. Wax, resin, rosin, and shatter can all be dabbed.2

You'll find three main kinds of dab tools: dab rigs, E-rigs, and dab pens. Dab rigs use water to cool the concentrate before consumption. E-Rigs heat the concentrate and produce vapor, and a dab pen is similar to a vape pen. The primary difference between a dab pen and a vape pen is the material they use. Vape pens use distillates, while dab pens use concentrates.

"710" spelled out in cannabis oil on a black background"710" spelled out in cannabis oil on a black background

The Origins of the 7/10 Holiday

The Urban Dictionary started listing the term 710 in 2010, and by 2011, specific associations of the number with cannabis emerged. Rapper TaskRok told interviewers that he mentioned 710 to an online message group with other cannabis oil enthusiasts. He included songs called "Boil That Oil" and "7:10" on an album he released on July 10, 2011.2 However, the cannabis holiday really took off when LA Weekly wrote a profile of the holiday in 2013.

How to be 7/10-Friendly on National Dab Day

Dispensaries sometimes organize sales and celebrations on Dab Day and as a result, marijuana concentrate sales can rise. According to Headset, a cannabis data research company, cannabis concentrate sales increased by 66% on Dab Day in 2022.1

Discounts on cannabis concentrates on 7/10 Day can be significant, making this day an opportunity to try a new way to use concentrates or sample different varieties.4

Choose a Concentrate

Dab day is a perfect time to pick your favorite concentrate or try a new one: live resin, BHO, rosin, butter, wax, and CO2 oil.

Ready Your Equipment

Once you've chosen your concentrate, it's time to get your equipment ready. You can use a dab rig, E-rig, dab pen, or dab mat. 

Try Infused Pre-Rolls or Moon Rocks

You can find infused pre-rolls that include concentrates and investigate different flavors or strains on 7/10 Day. If you've ever been curious about cannabis flower coated in concentrate and rolled in kief, aka Moon Rocks, 7/10 Day is a great opportunity to try this method of smoking concentrates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it’s the lesser-known of the two most popular holidays in our industry, we get regular questions about 7/10. Here are a few of them and our answers:

How is 7/10 different from 4/20?
7/10 is geared toward a specific type of cannabis product: concentrates; 4/20 celebrates all types of cannabis and all things cannabis.

Why are dabs called 710?
If you turn 710 upside down, it spells OIL, aka dabs.

What does 710-friendly mean?
Like 420-friendly, 710-friendly means a lifestyle of celebration and support for marijuana concentrates.5

Celebrate 7/10 Day

You can celebrate 7/10 Day by visiting your dispensary and checking out new types of concentrate or oil, or selecting an infused pre-roll or Moon Rocks. To fully commemorate the day, you can dab, vape, or ignite your favorite marijuana concentrate at 7:10 p.m. and say "Happy Dab Day!"



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