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710 Day: What is National Dab Day?

Calculator with 710 flipped upside down

Most people know about 420—even those who aren’t interested in consuming cannabis. It’s a holiday that has been around since 1971, and it’s celebrated by getting together with cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy your favorite marijuana product. Now, we’re starting to hear more and more about 710 or July 10th, aka National Dab Day. 

What is 710? Why is it considered National Oil Day or National Dab Day? In this guide, we’ll share everything we know about this fun summertime holiday, including:

  • What is National Dab Day?
  • Why is 7/10 Dab Day?
  • National Dab Day FAQs

What is National Dab Day?

National Dab Day is a day devoted to the art of “dabbing,” and it’s typically marked by enjoying some form of cannabis oil, wax, or shatter. To do this, the cannabis connoisseur places a small amount of concentrate in the dab rig and consumes the vapor. By dabbing these cannabis concentrates, consumers can produce a quicker, more powerful effect. As a bonus, with the right concentrate, dabbing can also be more flavorful due to the different aromas and terpenes. 

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Why is 7/10 Dab Day?

7/10 or 710 is considered National Dab Day for one specific reason—when you turn 710 upside down, it looks like OIL. It’s the perfect number to represent cannabis oil and many other cannabis concentrates. While it only was first commonly talked about around 2010-2011, it’s now a popular holiday where cannabis consumers celebrate their concentrates and licensed dispensaries offer deals on certain marijuana products (and if you’re lucky, tools, too). 

Answering 710 Day FAQs

At some point in your journey as a cannabis connoisseur, you’re likely to come across the term “710” and learn about National Dab Day. To make sure you know everything there is to know about the holiday, we answered some of our most frequently asked questions here:

What Does the Slang Term “710” Mean?
710 is slang for oil because if you turn 710 upside down, it looks like OIL. Cannabis oil is one of the many concentrates that can be used when “dabbing.”

What is Dabbing?
“Dabbing” is a term used to describe the practice of superheating a small amount of oil, wax, or shatter in a dab rig and consuming the vapor. 

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Is 710 the New 420?
Let’s be honest, 420 has been a part of the cannabis culture for as long as the modern cannabis culture has been around. We don’t see it being overtaken by 710. That’s a good thing, too! Having more than one holiday in the cannabis community offers ways for cannabis enthusiasts to come together to celebrate this unique plant. 

Celebrating National Dab Day

If you enjoy “dabbing,” then you’ll want to make sure you have the marijuana product you need to celebrate 7/10. Don’t be afraid to get your supplies ahead of time and just store your concentrates. National Dab Day is becoming more and more popular every year, with rosin sales increasing in 2020 by 115% on the holiday versus the previous four Fridays! Budder and live resin also increased in sales. Be sure to visit a Verlife dispensary early, and our budtenders will ensure you have everything you need for National Oil Day. 


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