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Strain Spotlight: Trainwreck

There are very few times in life when being a Trainwreck is a good thing, and the exception to the rule is this cannabis strain. If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you've probably heard of it. Known for its potent effects and unique flavor profile, Trainwreck has gained a loyal following among both recreational consumers and medical marijuana patients. In this strain spotlight, we’re going full steam ahead into the world of Trainwreck, exploring its origins, aroma, taste, and potency.

What is Trainwreck?

Trainwreck is a highly popular hybrid landrace strain known for its powerful effects and strong aromatic profile. This strain is a cross between Mexican sativa, Thai sativa, and Afghani indica, resulting in a well-balanced hybrid with a sativa-dominant nature. With its name, you can only assume it packs a potent punch and you’d be right. Its THC levels range anywhere from a moderately high 18% to a very high 25%. You’ll definitely want to take this strain slowly when you’re treating yourself to it for the first time.

Where Did Trainwreck Come From?

While the exact origins of Trainwreck remain a little hazy, it is said to have been created by two brothers in Northern California during the 1970s. Its name comes from a legendary story that claims a train wreck occurred near the brothers’ illegal marijuana farm. To avoid being caught by the influx of law enforcement, the crop was pulled and given the name it’s known for today.

What Does Trainwreck Smell Like?

One of the standout features of Trainwreck is its pungent aroma. Upon opening a bag or jar of this strain, you'll be greeted with a delightful combination of earthy, citrusy, and rich pine scents. Some cannabis enthusiasts also swear that it has a slightly minty, menthol tingle to its scent too, making Trainwreck a true olfactory delight for cannabis connoisseurs.

What Does Trainwreck Taste Like?

When it comes to taste, Trainwreck continues to impress. The flavors are a reflection of its aroma, offering a delightful blend of earthiness, lemony citrus, and woodsy pine as well as a little kick of spice, reminiscent of peppers. Best of all, that flavor lingers even after you’ve exhaled.

How Strong is Trainwreck?

Trainwreck boasts a high THC content, with the potential to reach up to 25%. As a result, it can pack quite a punch, especially for new cannabis consumers. That said, one of the interesting things about this strain is that while it is certainly potent, many cannabis enthusiasts claim to still be able to go about their day. Whether this is something you will experience depends entirely on your body and your endocannabinoid system, so be sure to start slowly with a low dose until you know just how it makes you feel.

What Other Types of Trainwreck Strains Are There?

As with all good things in the cannabis world, when we find something we like, we try to make more. Trainwreck is no exception, and it has been the inspiration for these three unique strains:

Purple Trainwreck

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

This variant of Trainwreck features beautiful purple hues in its buds, adding visual appeal to its already impressive profile. Purple Trainwreck offers a similar potency to the OG Trainwreck–up to 23%--but it has an entirely unique flavor and scent profile. Its Trainwreck-meets-Granddaddy Purple genetics give it a sweet, berry flavor and aroma that can’t be beaten.


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

A cross between Trainwreck and Mothership, Shipwreck brings a unique twist to the original strain. First, it’s much less potent with a THC range of 12-15%. Second, while it has herbal, woodsy, slightly-sweet flavors, its aromas deviate entirely with much more skunky diesel in its profile. There’s no question if you’re enjoying this strain, other people will know it by scent alone.

Tropical Trainwreck


As the name suggests, this Tropical Trainwreck takes you straight to the Caribbean with its sweet, slightly pineapple flavor. And it’s for good reason—Tropical Trainwreck is the product of a cross between Trainwreck and Pineapple Express. If Purple Trainwreck has high THC levels and Shipwreck has low THC levels, Tropical Trainwreck takes the Goldilocks position between them at 20% THC. Like its parent strain, Tropical Trainwreck is said to be daytime friendly.

Trainwreck FAQs

More questions about Trainwreck? No problem. Here are a few of the answers you might be looking for:

Is Trainwreck a sativa or indica?
Trainwreck is a hybrid strain, but sativa definitely dominates its genetics at 80% sativa and 20% indica.

What strain is Trainwreck?
Trainwreck is a landrace hat trick—a cross between Mexican sativa, Thai sativa, and Afghani indica.

What flavors are in Trainwreck?
Trainwreck comes with a myriad of flavors ranging from herbal tea and woodsy pine, though the most prominent flavor seems to be lemon.

Purchasing Trainwreck

Ready to see how Trainwreck feels to you? Head down to your local dispensary. In general, Trainwreck is a pretty popular strain, so you’ll likely find it on the shelves. Of course, if you don’t see it or one of its variant strains, just talk to your budtender. They can point you to it or to another strain that’ll do the trick.

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