Mountains around a bay in Acapulco, Mexico

What Is A Mexican Landrace Strain?

Mexico’s luxurious beaches, warm climate, and beautiful mountains don’t just make it a photo-worthy destination–it’s also the perfect setting for growing cannabis. That’s why Mexican landrace strains are some of the most highly sought after in the cannabis community, and why cultivators in the United States have tried to mimic and grow these strains for licensed dispensary customers in this country. 

Not sure what a landrace strain is or which ones hail from Mexico? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explain:

  • What is a Mexican Landrace Strain?
  • How Are Mexican Landrace Strains Different From Others?
  • Are Mexican Landrace Strains Common?
  • What Are The Most Famous Mexican Landrace Strains?  

What Is a Mexican Landrace Strain? 

A Mexican landrace strain is a pure sativa strain of cannabis that is native to Mexico, and has never been changed or crossbred with other plants. These strains typically carry the name of the place where they were originally grown, like Acapulco Gold. 

Mexican landracesativas tend to grow in mountainous regions, with plants reaching over six feet tall. Their leaves are more narrow than their indica counterparts, and they have a longer period of flowering, too. The flower is typically longer and fluffier than the buds you see in a dispensary, covered in bright orange and green hairs with amber-colored trichomes.

Learn more about the different types of landrace cannabis strains out there with our guide.

How Are Mexican Landrace Strains Different from Others? 

The qualities of Mexican landrace sativa strains can be attributed to the country’s high elevations, as well as the changes in temperature from day to night. Because these cannabis strains grew in the wild, they developed truly unique terpene profiles to protect themselves from the elements. 

The result is a combination of earthy flavors and woodsy, skunk-like aromas with high levels of THC (up to 25%) and potent cannabinoid profiles.

Are Mexican Landrace Strains Common?

Mexican landrace strains are difficult to find in flower form. Of the three strains below Acapulco Gold is your best bet in finding a Mexican strain. However, make sure to check with a budtender at your local dispensary to understand availability in your area.

What Are the Most Famous Mexican Landrace Strains?

Mexican landrace strains are typically named after the region in Mexico where they were first discovered. Our top three favorite landrace strains from Mexico include Acapulco Gold, Oaxaca, and Jarilla Sinaloa.  

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is one of the most famous, well-loved strains in cannabis history. Native to the coastal mountains of Acapulco, this sativa is rich in myrcene and famous for its coffee-like flavor and moderate-to-high THC levels (18%). The ‘gold’ refers to its buds which resemble golden nuggets.

Acapulco Gold has been featured in countless books and films celebrating cannabis culture, gaining true notoriety in the counterculture movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. High Times even named it one of the greatest strains of all time. Today, pure Acapulco Gold flower is quite rare so expect to pay a hefty price for it.  


Also known as Oaxacan, Oaxaca Gold or Oaxacan Highland, this pure sativa will likely look unusual to modern cannabis consumers–when trimmed, its buds look more like ferns than blossoms. Oaxaca has high THC levels (19%-21%), so it’s not recommended for newbies. It has a spiced orange flavor that combines with an herbal, sour aroma that deepens the longer the flower burns.

Jarilla Sinaloa

Jarilla Sinaloa is native to Sinaloa, a state in Mexico found along the northwestern coast. This sativa strain has a lower THC level than other Mexican landrace strains (12%-15%). Jarilla Sinaloa packs an aromatic punch—somewhere between a sour grapefruit sprinkled with black pepper—and its flavor is compared to an orange. This sativa strain’s buds are lime green with orange hairs and diamond trichomes, much like Oaxaca.  

Give Mexican Sativa A Try

Pure Mexican landrace strains are difficult to find and sell quickly when available. If you would like to try one of these sativas, check your local dispensary to see when and if they’re available.

Recreational cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in New York and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and certified patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.