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What Are African Landrace Strains?

One of the most popular strains available at your local dispensary, Durban Poison, is an African landrace strain, but what does that even mean? In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about African landrace strains, like Durban Poison, including:

  • What are African Landrace Strains? 
  • What is the History of African Landrace Strains?
  • What Makes African Landrace Strains Unique?
  • Are African Landrace Strains Common?
  • What Are the Popular Types of African Landrace Strains?

What Does “African Landrace Strain” Mean?

A landrace plant or animal is a species that is native to a certain geographical area. Therefore, an African landrace cannabis strain is a strain original to the African continent. African strains are typically pure sativas and have moderate-to-high levels of THC. While you might find more potent strains available, many cannabis enthusiasts love landrace strains because their cannabinoids are the closest to the original species of marijuana that grew in that area.

What is the History of African Landrace Strains?

For a plant that enjoys warmer weather, it’s no wonder that African landrace strains thrived on the continent. Typically, African landrace strains are sativas, but the sativas change slightly depending on where you find them on the continent. In fact, some cannabis connoisseurs suggest that strains found in the northern parts of Africa, closer to Central Asia, more closely resemble their indica cousins, while the strains from Africa are typically sativas. 

African landrace strains have been harvested and farmed for thousands of years. Populations across Africa consumed cannabis for its psychoactive effects, but it was also cultivated for fiber, fabric, and cordage.

What Makes African Landrace Strains Unique?

Because of its proximity to the equator, African landrace strains are sativa plants in structure. The evolutionary path of these plants is unique because it has seen them through countless years of survival, and they are still thriving today. Many cannabis enthusiasts feel that this offers a more authentic experience—they’re consuming a plant that has survived the test of time.  

There are plenty of African landrace strains available, but these are considered some of the most popular.

Are African Landrace Strains Common?

Like most landrace strains, they can be difficult to find in flower form. Durban Poison is more commonly found in the United States, depending on where you are in the country. You’ll want to chat with a budtender at your local dispensary to understand availability in your area.

What Are the Popular Types of African Landrace Strains?

There are plenty of African landrace strains available, but these are considered some of the most popular.

Durban Poison

With high THC levels reaching up to 24%, Durban Poison is a strain prized by cannabis connoisseurs around the globe. That being said, what makes it so popular is that most people suggest the psychoactive effects are more moderate with this strain, allowing you to enjoy the experience without feeling too intoxicated. Durban Poison hails from Durban, South Africa, and is both sweet and earthy in flavor and aroma. It’s worth a try to see if you think it deserves its reputation in the industry.

Malawi Gold

There’s no question where this landrace strain hails from in Africa—it’s right in the name! Malawi Gold boasts an 18% THC level and a minty flavor and aroma when consumed. The only downside to this incredible strain is that it’s hard to find in the United States–it’s considered a “zaza” strain here.


Harvested from the mountains of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is a strain prized for its fruity scent and spicy flavor. While it was originally harvested by tribes indigenous to that area for religious practices and hunting, it’s now loved by people around the world. Thanks to its height and durability, Kilimanjaro is a favorite of outdoor and greenhouse growers.  

Purchasing African Landrace Strains

African landrace strains are hard to find, so you’ll  typically find it sold as premium flower. However, you may also find it used in edibles and even in various forms of concentrates. If you’re looking for a particular landrace strain, be sure to ask a budtender, and they will help you find exactly what you’re looking for or something comparable.

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