Green sherbet in a white bowl, on a wood trivet

Strain Spotlight: Sherbet

If you’re a fan of flavor, look no further. Sunset Sherbet is delicious, but don’t be fooled. Cannabis connoisseurs will definitely note the aroma of this strain’s grandfather, the pungent OG Kush. With such prolific heritage, it’s no reason why we picked Sherbet for our latest strain spotlight.

What is Sherbet?

Sherbet, pronounced and sometimes spelled as Sherbert but also called Sherbert OG, Sunset Sherbet, and Sunset Sherbert, is an indica-dominant hybrid with beautiful colors of bright greens, deep purples, and even hints of dark orange. Of course, that’s before you acknowledge the silver shine of its many trichomes. While we’ve already told you this strain is a second generation offshoot of OG Kush, it’s also got popular parents too—Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

Where Did Sherbet Come From?

Unlike other strains in our strain spotlights, we actually are pretty sure where the Sunset Sherbert strain comes from. In the 2010s, a breeder named Mario Guzman worked under the tutelage of another famous grower—Jai. When Jai brought a certain pollen and introduced it to Guzman’s field, it started the process that would soon produce Sherbet.

What Does Sherbet Smell Like?

There’s no way not to think of dessert when talking about a strain called Sherbet. And the smell of this strain certainly lends to that thought. It has a sweet, berry-like flavor with zesty undertones of citrus and oranges, but it packs a punch on the back end. Those sweet notes fade to a pungent, skunky scent that only reminds you of the OG strain Sherbet descends from.

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What Does Sherbet Taste Like?

While there might be a pungent aroma attached to this strain, the flavors themselves are all downright delicious. If you’re a fan of berry-flavored candies, you’ll love the sweet, decadent taste of Sherbet with only the slightest of skunky notes that remind you that you’re not consuming confections but cannabis. Best of all, Sherbet has a few different flavor types that all come with their own unique flavor profiles.

What Other Types of Sherbet Strains Are There?

When you find something as tasty as this cannabis strain, it’s hard not to look for other strains like it. Fortunately, there are a lot of different varieties of Sherbet that will keep your tastebuds tantalized. They include:

Rainbow Sherbet


Add a splash of the Champagne strain with a bit of Blackberry cultivar and you get Rainbow Sherbet, a sugary sweet hybrid with a surprising flavor twist—mint. It’s true, both its flavor and aroma have hints of mint on the back end, creating a refreshing sensory experience you won’t soon forget. Just go slow with this strain. The 20-22% THC levels can sneak up on you while you’re enjoying the flavors and aroma.

Orange Sherbet


Across our guides, we talk about a few rare strains, and the Orange Sherbet strain belongs on that list. This balanced hybrid (though some say it’s a bit more indica-leaning) is absolutely rare, and because of this, we don’t know much about it. It has a sweet, citrusy scent and flavor that you can expect from a strain with this name, and its THC levels are reported to be moderate. If you’re lucky enough to see this strain on the shelves of your dispensary, don’t hesitate. Get it before it’s gone, so you can try this rare treat.

Banana Sherbet


Banana Kush met Sunset Sherbet and the result was the Banana Sherbet strain (or Banana Sherbert). A variety of terpenes blend to create the flavors you’ll find in this balanced hybrid strain, including limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. If you’re a fan of banana-flavored Runts candies, then you’ll want to add Banana Sherbert to your list of must-try cannabis, because the sweet banana flavor is both creamy and tangy. The scent is exactly the same though it’s not going to overwhelm the room. Instead, the aroma of this strain is light and cut by earthy undertones that could lull you into overindulgence—but don’t let that happen. Banana Sherbet has a high THC potency ranging from 20-23%.

Answering Sherbet FAQs

When it comes to answering questions, talking about some of our favorite strains is one of our most-loved parts of the job. Here are a few questions we get asked about Sherbet:

Is Sherbet an indica or sativa?
Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid.

Why is it called Sherbet?
It’s called Sherbet because of both its beautiful colors and its sweet, citrus-meets-berry flavors.

Is Sunset Sherbet a strong strain?
Sunset Sherbet certainly can be a strong strain. Its THC potency ranges from between a moderately high 18% to a definitely high 24%.

Purchasing Sherbet strains

The great news about Sherbet is that it’s popular, which means that it’s pretty easy to find in one variety or another. If you love a sweet-flavored strain that leans indica, Sherbet is definitely worth picking up next time you visit your dispensary. Our budtenders can point you to the varieties of Sherbet we have available or something just as sweet you’re sure to love.

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