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Marijuana Vaping 101

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Vaping marijuana is a common way for beginners to try cannabis because you can vape with limited tools and products, and they don’t require much effort or expertise. In our Vaping 101 guide, we’ll discuss:

  • What is vaping?
  • What makes vaping different from other ways to consume cannabis?
  • Why do people choose to vape?
  • What do you need to buy to start vaping?

What is Vaping?

While vaping may seem like smoking, the method of heating is actually quite different. When smoking cannabis flower or concentrate, the product is burned before inhaling. When vaping, you are raising the temperature of the marijuana in order to turn the cannabinoids or terpenes into a vapor.

What makes vaping different from other ways to consume cannabis?

Vaping is unique to cannabis consumption in a variety of ways. Whether it’s the ease of use, the fast-acting results, or simplified cleanup when compared to smoking, there are any number of reasons to choose vaping over other ways to consume cannabis.

  • Vaping May Feel Easier to Inhale. Because vaping heats the flower to just below its smoke point, you’re able to experience the cannabinoids and terpenes without the burning sensation.
  • Vaping Can Taste Better. Because you’re smoking the vapor of the marijuana flower, it often presents a cleaner taste than when cannabis flower is smoked. In addition, many vapes come in specific flavors and profiles, which are easier to taste in vaporized form.
  • You Use Less Flower when Vaping. The process of vaping doesn’t require burning the flower, so you’re able to get more out of your cannabis flower than you might when smoking.

To explore the different marijuana vape products available in your state, check out our Verilife Product Menus.

Why Do People Vape?

Vaping is attractive to cannabis users who don’t want to pack and smoke out of a pipe. It requires less product to achieve the same results, and certain types of vaporizers are easier to take on the go. These, combined with the advantages listed above, make it a good option for beginners and experienced cannabis users.

What Do You Need to Purchase to Start Vaping?

For most beginners, the best vaporizer to start with is called a vape pen. However, there are many different ways to vaporizer cannabis.

  • Reusable Vape Pen: The reusable pen consists of a multi-use battery that allows you to attach different cannabis oil cartridges, making it easier to try new strains or switch between strains throughout the day.
  • Disposable Vape Pen: The disposable vape pen comes with the oil already inside of it. Once you finish the pen, you throw it away and purchase a new one.
  • Portable Vaporizers: Portable vaporizers are typically a little bigger than a vape pen because you’re able to pack them with marijuana flower or other types of concentrates, like wax or budder.
  • Tabletop Vaporizers: Tabletop vaporizers are exactly what they sound like: larger vaporizing machines meant for at-home-only use on a level surface. Typically, tabletop vaporizers use marijuana flower rather than concentrate, and they have a slightly higher learning curve.

So to answer the question of what do you need to buy to start vaping: you need a vaporizer and the right marijuana cartridge, flower, or concentrate.

If you’re still curious about the process of vaping and the tools you need to get to vape, you can visit one of our Verilife dispensaries to speak with experts in the marijuana industry that can help you decide if you’d like to try vaping.

Recreational Cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and medical marijuana patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.

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