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What is Premium, Top-Shelf Flower?

Premium cannabis flower bud

Premium flower is the cream of the marijuana crop—and for good reason. In guide, we’ll explain it all, including:/p>

  • What is Premium Flower?
  • What Is the Difference Between Flower and Bud?
  • What Part of the Cannabis Plant Does Marijuana Bud Come From?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Premium Marijuana Buds?

What Is Premium Flower?

You may hear people request “top-shelf weed,” but what does that actually mean? To understand premium marijuana buds, it’s important to talk about all marijuana flower. Most dispensaries have different levels of quality when it comes to their bud. For example, you might have bottom-tier, mid-tier, top-shelf, or premium. While every tier of flower has some measure of quality, the higher the tier, the higher the quality.

Premium flower describes the rich, pungent, brightly colored cannabis buds, trimmed to perfection, available at licensed medical and recreational dispensaries. It’s created through a careful combination of master growers, high quality cannabis seeds, and state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor growing facilities. When it comes to premium flower, cultivators monitor and maintain near-perfect conditions for every marijuana plant, ensuring that everything from temperature to moisture and wind are regulated for optimal growing. These steps are necessary for producing premium flower, which are the trichome-rich, giant buds you likely see on the top shelves of dispensaries near you.

From there, cultivators harvest, dry, cure, and sell these premium buds to licensed dispensaries.

What Part of the Cannabis Plant Does Marijuana Bud Come From?

Marijuana bud comes from the female cannabis plant, specifically. In fact, while the male plant will flower, that flower turns to seed. The female flower, as long as it isn’t exposed to the male flower for pollination, will become the buds most marijuana users are familiar with.

Premium buds are the large, fluffy flowers at the end of the stems that are trimmed into a nugget-like shape. (That’s why these types of buds can also be called “nugs.”) Because the flower is the part of the cannabis plant that receives the most exposure to light, it contains the highest amount of terpenes and cannabinoids to produce the Entourage Effect.

Learn more about the Entourage Effect and how it changes the cannabis experience.

What Is the Difference Between Flower and Bud?

This might surprise you, but there is no difference between flower and bud. Both refer to the seed-bearing portion of the plant, but good marijuana flower is always harvested before it can go to seed. This is because seed can taste and feel unpleasant when smoking it. While “bud” is sometimes considered more of a slang term, it ultimately refers to the flower bud which is harvested for use.

Looking for premium flower near you? Check out your local Verilife dispensary’s product menus.

What Are the Pros of Premium Marijuana Buds?

You may hear cannabis aficionados request premium marijuana buds, but what are they looking for and why? Here are a few of the reasons cannabis consumers may request this type of flower:

  • Most Appealing: Premium flower means you’re getting the best the dispensary has to offer—a sticky, spongy flower bud covered in trichomes that is rich in scent, flavor, and visual appearance. If you’re looking for the best flower, you want premium flower.
  • Higher Terpenes and Cannabinoids: As we’ve already discussed, premium buds are the part of the plant that is richest in terpenes and cannabinoids. Depending on your purpose for consuming cannabis, this could be a crucial part to consider.
  • Hard-to-Find Strains: If you’re interested in experiencing different strains, particularly ones that are hard to find, you’ll have more luck with premium flower. That’s because if there’s an opportunity to sell something rare, most dispensaries will want the best version.

Want to try flower without the high price tag? Learn more about popcorn and shake.

What Are the Cons of Premium Marijuana Buds?

The “cons” of top-shelf flower bud comes down to the individual cannabis consumer. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Larger Price Tag: Premium flower means top-tier prices. In fact, you can expect it to be some of the most expensive marijuana flower you’ve ever smoked or vaped. Some consumers have no problem with paying more, but others may feel it isn’t worth it.
  • More Preparation: If you’ve paid a high price for flower, you should also have the right tools to smoke and store it properly. If purchasing items like pipes, grinders, and storage containers aren’t for you, you may want to explore other methods.
  • Stronger Smell: Since premium flower offers stronger flavors and aromas, it’s not one of the most discrete consumption methods. Expect those around you to be able to smell what you’re smoking.


Is Premium Flower Right For You?

If you’re new to marijuana, chances are your first purchase is not going to be premium bud. That being said, top-shelf marijuana flower is perfect for anyone who has a respect for the art of growing marijuana and appreciates the process growers go through to get such gorgeous cannabis buds. Ultimately, only you can know if premium flower is right for you. So why not visit one of our Verilife locations We have cannabis experts on hand to talk about premium flower and even show you what they have in stock.


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