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Strain Spotlight: Wedding Cake

Every strain deserves its big day, and today, the strain spotlight is going to Wedding Cake. This delicious bud comes in all different varieties, from the flower we know and love to concentrates and more, and it’s also given root to child strains that are just as delicious. We encourage you to pop on some Pachabel’s Canon in D, invite your closest friends and family (but not the cousins you can’t stand), and settle in for Wedding Cake’s big day.

What is Wedding Cake?

Imagine making a strain that smells so good you know it can’t just be called any plain old cake. Rather, it has to be called Wedding Cake. That’s exactly what happened with this strain. Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, two prolific strains themselves, were crossed to create Wedding Cake, an indica-leaning hybrid, that fills the room with a sweet, vanilla cake scent. Each of the buds are loaded with glistening trichomes, giving them the look of frosting. This look is fitting because it tastes just as sweet as that whipped confection. 

One interesting thing to note: If you’re ever in Canada, perusing their selection, and can’t find your favorite Wedding Cake strain, that’s because it’s called Pink Cookies on the other side of our northern border. You’re going to have to ask them why, though.

Where Did Wedding Cake Come From?

Wedding Cake was created by Seed Junky Genetics when they crossed Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It’s likely because of this cross that Wedding Cake is also known as Triangle Mints #23.

What Does Wedding Cake Smell Like?

It is likely no surprise that Wedding Cake has a sweet aroma to it, but it also has just a little bit of spice on the back end of it. That nose-tingling scent is extremely subtle, but it adds a bit of interest to the strain. You’ll have no trouble filling the room with the scent of this strain, so be careful if you’re not interested in sharing. All your friends will want a slice.

What Does Wedding Cake Taste Like?

Wedding Cake tastes like a unique combination of sugar cookies and cherry pie. The berry-meets-vanilla flavor coats the tongue, making you feel like you just got into a batch of grandma’s cookie jar rather than some posh couple’s wedding cake. If you love sweet things, this strain is definitely perfect for you.

How Strong is Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake, by just about any scale, is considered strong. Depending on the source, you can see its THC ranges anywhere from 24% up to 27% THC. This means that it’s not the most beginner-friendly strain on the market, but if you decide to bite into it anyway, just remember to go slow and give yourself plenty of time to feel its effects before you double up on a dose.

What Other Types of Wedding Cake Strains Are There?

As with any popular strain, more strains are created from Wedding Cake. These cake varieties will not only tickle the senses, but they also come with a potency all to their own. Here are there of our favorite Wedding Cake child strains:

Gelato Cake

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Cross Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake and what do you get? The Gelato Cake strain, an indica-dominant hybrid with a unique, cake-meets-pine flavor and aroma. While it doesn’t hit quite as hard as Wedding Cake, it still packs a THC punch of up to 25% THC. Gelato Cake tends to be a favorite of medical marijuana patients focused on relieving the symptoms of pain and insomnia, but it’s possible it will be a much different experience for you, so be sure to give this cake a try.

Cake Mix

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

There are a lot of things in the Cake Mix strain that match its Wedding Cake parent—it has a cake flavor with hints of cherries in it, it’s 60% indica and 40% sativa, and it has up to 27% THC. Where it’s unique is in its CBD levels, up to 2%, and its aroma, an almost flowery scent. While it might be very similar to Wedding Cake, Cake Mix is worthy of its own place on your cannabis roster.

Biscotti Cake

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

While Wedding Cake, Biscotti Cake’s parent strain along with Biscotti, is 60% indica and 40% sativa, the Biscotti Cake strain flips that ratio with 60% sativa and 40% indica. This sativa-leaning hybrid also goes a little lighter on the THC, ranging around 20%, and adds a splash of CBD to its mix too at 1%. Biscotti Cake is just as delicious though, with a sweet, cookie-cake flavor topped with a tart lemon sherbet frosting. You may also notice a little spice to it too, similar to black pepper.

Answering Wedding Cake Strain FAQs

Ready for a slice of Wedding Cake? Get to know this hybrid strain with a few of these frequently asked questions and their answers:

What strain is wedding cake?
Wedding Cake is a potent hybrid strain (60% indica, 40% sativa) known for its sweet, cookie flavor with spicy, cherry undertones. Wedding Cake is popular among medical marijuana patients trying to alleviate pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

Is Wedding Cake strain an indica or sativa?
Wedding Cake is an indica-leaning hybrid strain. This means that it has a bit more indica genetics (60%) in it compared to its sativa genetics (40%).

Is Wedding Cake potent?
In a word: yes. Wedding Cake is definitely potent. Its THC levels range from 25-27%.

Purchasing Wedding Cake Strain

You don’t need to wait for a ring to enjoy this Wedding Cake. Instead, head down to the dispensary to treat yourself. Your budtender will be able to show you what Wedding Cake varieties they have in stock, so you can pick the perfect product for you.

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