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Best Cannabis Strains for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking to add a little extra spark to your celebration, we have just the thing for you—cannabis. There are some strains that simply rise to the top when you’re looking for cannabis that’s tailored for the day of love. In this holiday list, we’re going to cover the strains with the most romantic terpenes and ensure you can create the perfect day with someone you love. 

Can Cannabis Be Used as an Aphrodisiac?

Love and romance are always on the menu for Valentine’s Day, but what about something a little more…physical? There’s nothing wrong with planning to share a little something more than a kiss with that special someone, and cannabis may be able to enhance that experience for both you, her, him, or them.

While research is still very new, there seems to be indications that cannabis may help improve libido, reduce anxiety, and make it easier to enjoy yourself and your partner when it’s time to get between the sheets. The thing to remember when you go in search of the right strain to inspire your bedroom activities is that every strain is different, and every strain is going to be different in your body. This means that while one strain might create a response in one person, that response could be different in another person. So what should you do?

Find that perfect strain before the big holiday of love. You’ll be able to try new strains with the person you love and get a little extra intimacy in your search for the right strains for you. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Our Top 10 Strains for Valentine’s Day

Wondering where to start? There are a lot of great strains for Valentine’s Day. Some because they smell great, others because they taste like a dessert, and still others for how they make you feel. Our top 10 strains for Valentine’s Day are:

Thor’s Hammer

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The Thor’s Hammer strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a superhero punch. With 21% THC, it’s no wonder that Thor’s Hammer got its name. Now, visualize the supersuit—grape-shaped, airy, and dressed in a lively forest green. Dark amber hairs and a generous dusting of golden trichomes add a touch of visual appeal. Crack open the nugs, and you'll catch a whiff of a subtle floral scent with a sweet earthy undertone. As you partake, the flavor journey begins—a blend of sweet, earthy goodness with a candy-like floral finish.

Afternoon Delight

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

When Banana, Schrom, and Tangie got together, the result was the sativa-dominant hybrid strain called Afternoon Delight. While it has a respectable amount of THC in it that even canna-connoisseurs can’t ignore (18-20% THC), that’s not what the Afternoon Delight strain is known for. Rather, it's for the flavors and aromas of this delicious strain. The flavors include citrus undertones that mingle with pine and a touch of diesel. As for aromas, when the buds are split, a scent emerges—melding skunky fruitiness, tropical citrus, and a somewhat bold diesel undertone.

OG Love

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Say hello to OG Love, a hybrid that's as balanced as your favorite playlist, teetering over the edge of a 50/50 split and into the indica zone at 60%. It's the love child of the legendary OG Kush, and it’s armed with a respectable 15-20% average THC level. As for the sensory experience? Imagine a zesty twist of sour citrusy lemon-lime (thank you, limonene terpene) with a backdrop of lightly kushy and woody exhales for flavor. For aroma? A blend of earthy woodiness, sour lemon-lime, and a spicy diesel kick that amps up with every inhale. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the OG Love strain.

Dirty Girl or The Dirty Girl

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The Dirty Girl strain is not your average bud; she's a sativa-dominant hybrid, boasting a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. Crafted during the union of Arcata Lemon Wreck and Cinderella 99, this hybrid strain is the go-to if you're in the market for a bud that tastes as good as it looks. A combination of candy-sweet, tropical flavors pair perfectly with a punch of citrus-meets-wood with just a bit of sour on the back end make for a sensory explosion that you’re sure to come back to for seconds. Just be careful, this Dirty Girl contains a downright naughty THC level that ranges from 21-28%.

Love Potion #1

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

This sativa-dominant hybrid comes from a brilliant combination of G13 and Columbian Gold, and it packs a moderate 15-18% THC, making it a great choice for new cannabis enthusiasts and experienced canna-connoisseurs. While some cannabis consumers swear by the Love Potion #1 strain’s ability to set the mood, we can only speak to the sensory experience it creates in terms of flavors and aromas. Both combine a tangy, spicy lemon flavor, but the aroma turns just a little sour and skunk on the exhale. If you get your hands on some premium Love Potion #1 bud, you’ll likely be able to see that potion firsthand—a sticky resin created by its draping of white trichomes.

Red Velvet

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

he Red Velvet strain will lure you in with its sweet, chocolate flavor that’s coupled with vanilla ice cream, but don’t dig into this dessert strain without this word of caution: Red Velvet has an extraordinarily high level of THC. Some sources claim that it can come with up to 38% THC which would outpace the strongest strain in the world—The Godfather OG—so go slow with this bud. For aromas, you keep the creaminess but with a hint of woodsy lemon too. While the Red Velvet strain can be a perfect option for your Valentine’s Day, just know what you’re getting into before you spark up. 

Purple Panty Dropper

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The name alone makes the Purple Panty Dropper strain a great addition to your romantic festivities, but there’s more to this strain than its name alone. It is an indica-leaning hybrid that hails from a cross of Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist. Purple Panty Dropper pairs fruity flavors with sweet, earthy, berry aromas, but its name comes from its dark purple buds and lilac-colored trichomes, making it as pretty to look at as it is to enjoy. Just know it’s called a panty dropper for a reason—it’ll knock your socks off with a high 24% THC. 


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The allure of the Lust strain comes from a hattrick of qualities—delicious flavor, nose tingling aroma, and a 23% THC level to round it out. What you’ll notice first, with Lust’s flavor, is its sweetness, a sugary drop of lemon with just a little bit of a floral undertone. The aroma is similar, delicately citrus with notes of pine and rose. If you’re in the mood for something a little sweet for you and your Valentine, you really can’t go wrong with Lust.

Green Love Potion

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Another love potion on our list, the Green Love Potion strain is made from a dash of Lavender and a sprinkle of Black Domina. Its parent strain is obvious when you are able to capture the notes of lavender in its flavor and aroma, but its sensory profile is so much more complex than that. You’ll notice mint and spice in its flavors too, with a slightly chemically undertone that won’t take away from your enjoyment of the strain. For aromas, you get a punch of earthiness that ends in a sweetness that reminds you of why you chose this strain to begin with. While technically, Green Love Potion has low THC levels (11-12%), many enthusiasts say it still packs a punch, so take this one slow until you know how it feels for you. 

Cherry Pie

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

It’s hard not to be popular when your parents are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Cherry Pie had a legacy from the outset to maintain, and there’s no question it does just that. It’s indica-dominant with 80% indica and 20% sativa, and it packs an interesting range of 16%-24% THC, meaning you should probably take it slowly until you can be sure how much THC your strain has and how much it will affect you. Once you are able to enjoy the Cherry Pie strain, you’ll know exactly how it got its name—it smells and tastes like sweet cherry pie. There’s no question serving up a slice of Cherry Pie is the perfect end to a Valentine’s Day date. 

Purchasing Cannabis for Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is more than just dinner out and retiring at home, and cannabis can add so much more to the experience. For instance, you might have a strain you plan to end the night with, but you might choose to start the date with cannabis and cheese pairings or other ways to add green to this exclusively red holiday. However you and your partner choose to spend the day, the goal should be to have fun finding the best strains for you. 

Recreational cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and certified patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.