Cannabis flower placed on a slice of brie cheese with more cheese in the background

Cannabis & Cheese: From Creamy Strains to Unique Pairings

Cannabis strains come in countless tastes and aromas, ranging from mint, to banana, to vanilla. Now we can add another flavor profile to our list: cheese. There are a variety of terpenes to thank for giving different marijuana strains a cheese-like experience. However, what makes these chemical compounds even more unique is their ability to pair well with other foods and beverages–similar to wine!

In our guide, we’ll provide a list of classic strains that pair well with easy-to-find cheeses, as well as popular cannabis hybrids that offer their own cheesy bouquet.

Cannabis & Cheese Pairing Recommendations

It may seem strange to pair cannabis with cheese rather than the more traditional wine, but cannabis and wine have more in common than you may think. In fact, descriptions of cannabis strains - origin, genetics, flavor profile - are very similar to descriptions of a bottle of wine. Why? Because many of the tastes and smells associated with marijuana and grapes come from terpenes...and sometimes from the same terpenes! For example, Lavender Kush is a strain heavy in linalool, a terpene that gives lavender its unique smell. Linalool is also found in sweet, white wines like Riesling and Muscat. 

These similarities open up a world of possibilities when it comes to integrating cannabis into your epicurean adventures. Here are our recommendations for pairing your go-to bud with different cheeses. 

Cheese board with crackers, cheese, veggies, and cannabis leavesCheese board with crackers, cheese, veggies, and cannabis leaves

Super Lemon Haze & Fresh Ricotta

Ricotta cheese is a fan favorite, known for its smooth and creamy texture. It’s light and airy flavors mix well with stronger profiles, which is why you’ll often find it paired with citrusy ingredients and dishes. That’s where Super Lemon Haze comes in. 

Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning, sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze. This cultivar is heavy in limonene, a terpene that is also found in citrus rinds. The slight sweetness of the ricotta cheese and the tart and zesty flavors of the Super Lemon Haze will combine nicely into a citrus treat.  

Lavender Kush & Goat Cheese

A search for “goat cheese and lavender” will yield dozens of mouth-watering photos and easy-to-make recipes. Why? The combination creates a sweet and earthy flavor profile that can be served with anything – from crackers and bread to salad and fresh fruit.

Lavender Kush is a floral yet spicy indica strain that is created by crossing multiple well-known strains found all over the world. It gets its name from its dominant terpene, linalool, which gives lavender its well-known scent. A goat cheese and Lavender Kush pairing will combine the best of both to create a light yet fulfilling flavor palette.  

Wedding Cake & Baked Brie

Brie is traditionally served prior to the dessert course, but today you’ll find it on many appetizer boards. The possibilities for how to serve this cheese are endless, but all you really need to do is microwave it for a few minutes and enjoy the delicious, melty experience. 

As a dessert cheese, it’s only natural to want to pair it with something sweet. Wedding cake is a hybrid strain created by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This combination creates a sweet and berry-like flavor with a sugary aftertaste.    

Top 5 Cheese-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Not interested in becoming a culinary cannaseur? Infuse your session with cheesy goodness with one of our top five cheese strains.


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

You can’t have a list of cheese strains without including the most famous: Cheese. This bud has quite an impressive lineage, descending from a rare phenotype of Skunk #1, which in itself comes from such famous landrace strains as Afghani and Acapulco Gold. Cheese has a distinctly strong cheddar aroma with sharp and earthy notes. This lip-smacking cultivar also offers an approachable 17% THC to go with its unique palate.

Blue Cheese

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Blue Cheese is a unique cultivar that can be described with just its name: it tastes and smells like blue cheese. A cross between the famous Cheese and Blueberry strains, expect a creamy, slightly spicy tang on the tongue that fades into a more mellow, berry sweetness. This indica-dominant hybrid offers anywhere from 18% - 20% THC and a possible CBG content of up to 2%.

MAC ‘n Cheese

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

A creamy, skunky cannabis strain, MAC ‘n Cheese may inspire memories of your favorite noodle treats (minus the blue box!). Bred from the classic MAC and Alien Cheese cultivars, MAC ‘n Cheese is buttery, yet sour, finishing with a soft sweetness that rolls across your tastebuds. Nostalgia aside–this strain is not for beginners. THC percentages have been reported anywhere from 21% to 29%, so remember to start low and go slow with this bud.

Lemon Cheese

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

If you like the flavors of lemon and cheese, then Lemon Cheese is for you! A cross between Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze, a Lemon Cheese bud combines sweet and sour flavors of pungent cheese and tangy lemons. The aroma is similar, and the THC percentage is a bit on the strong side: 21% - 23%.


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Little is known about the lineage of this strain, but its flavor is enough to make it a dispensary favorite. Cheesecake–sometimes known as Cheese Cake–puts a sweet spin on the classic cheddar taste, ending in a dank earthiness that swirls through the senses. An indica-dominant hybrid, Cheesecake presents a THC percentage ranging from 15% to 23%.

Cannabis & Cheese

It’s hard to believe cannabis can offer so many different flavors and aromas. If you want to find out more about cheese strains, or any other flavored cultivars available at your local dispensary, be sure to ask a budtender for recommendations.

Recreational cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and certified patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.