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Pinene Terpene: What is Pinene?

Pine tree branches

If you’re like us, you’re fascinated by terpenes. Pinene is another terpene found in cannabis, and in this guide, we’ll explain:

  • What is Pinene?
  • What’s the Difference Between Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene?
  • What is Pinene Used For?
  • What Does Pinene Smell and Taste Like?
  • How Does Pinene Make You Feel?
  • Where Can You Find Pinene?
  • What Strains are Heavy in Pinene?

What is Pinene?

Pinene is a terpene, and it’s found in a variety of different plants, shrubs, and trees, including cannabis. It’s possible to see it called alpha-pinene or beta-pinene but both forms are unique, with alpha-pinene being far more prevalent in cannabis and in the plant world in general.

What’s the Difference Between Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene?

Without getting too deep into the science, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are pretty similar. They come from the same sources and share similar characteristics. The most obvious difference between the two is their aroma. Beta-pinene smells like a walk through the woods, whereas alpha-pinene carries an herbal scent like rosemary.

What Does Pinene Smell and Taste Like?

It will be no surprise when we tell you that pinene smells like pine! Because of its pleasing scent, it’s often harvested and used in a variety of household cleaners, personal care products, and even air fresheners. The taste, on the other hand, is best described as herbal and earthy. If you’ve ever had pine nuts, the flavor of pinene can be quite similar.

How Does Pinene Make You Feel?

Since pinene is the most abundant terpene in nature, and a very common scent to find, you most likely have some sort of feeling tied to the scent--from holiday nostalgia to memories of hiking and camping trips. There’s even preliminary research that may indicate that pinene, in its essential oil form, could create a relaxing sensation. Only you can say how the pine-like scent impacts you.

Where Can You Find Pinene?

Pinene is all around you, in coniferous trees, dill, basil, and rosemary. But that’s not all. Pinene is harvested for its scent and added to a variety of consumer products, including candles and even insecticides. It’s also in food, like pine nuts and limes. So it’s possible that if you love key lime pie, you’ve indulged in pinene.

Of course, pinene is also a terpene found in cannabis.

Want to find pinene strains of marijuana? Check out our product menus for cannabis available near you.

What Strains Are Heavy In Pinene?

There are plenty of strains available that are rich in pinene. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Big Smooth: This one is at the top of the list because its most prominent terpene is pinene, but you might not know it right away because it smells like blueberry pancakes. This hybrid contains some of the highest THC on the list, so enjoy carefully.
  • Blue Dream: This is one of the most popular strains on the market. Blueberry met Haze and created Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid that smells and tastes like berries.
  • Bubba Kush aka BK, Bubba, Bubba OG Kush: This indica strain is getting more and more popular in the US. It’s got an earthy aroma and slight coffee flavor to it that combines sweet and woody tastes.
  • Jack Herer: This legendary strain honors the cannabis activist for who it’s named. This sativa strain has an earthy flavor that embodies the scents and tastes of pine.
  • Romulan: An almost pure-indica strain, Romulan’s origins aren’t well known. While it has a sci-fi name, it’s aroma is pure earth and pine.

Want to try one of the strains listed above or another one of the pinene strains available? Cannabis experts are available at our licensed Verilife dispensary locations to help you pick the perfect strain for you and learn more about terpenes, pinene, and how to best enjoy cannabis.

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