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Green Wednesday is the Cannabis Black Friday

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The Thanksgiving season is full of unofficial holidays: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. Now there’s another holiday to add to the list, and it’s called Green Wednesday. This pre-long-weekend shopping day has been around for less than 10 years, but it’s already known for smashing marijuana sales records, boosting sales by 40% in states that have legalized cannabis for adult-use.

What is Green Wednesday?

So what exactly is Green Wednesday? This cannabis holiday takes place the day before Thanksgiving, and has become a day for cannabis consumers to visit their local dispensary before the long holiday weekend. While nothing has yet to top 420 (April 20) in cannabis sales, Green Wednesday shopping has become a close second. Cannabis retailers brought in $98.2 million on Green Wednesday 2021. In fact, the days around Thanksgiving brought in $254.7 million in cannabis sales.

Where Did Green Wednesday Come From?

The term “Green Wednesday” is thought to have been coined by a cannabis delivery service in 2016 when they noticed a large increase in sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. While dispensaries across the country typically see more traffic throughout the holiday weekend, it’s the day before Thanksgiving that really brings out the cannabis shoppers.

There are plenty of theories around why that is - picking up medical cannabis prescriptions before dispensaries close for the holiday weekend, purchasing products to consume at festive gatherings, etc. - but, no matter the reason, sales typically see a drastic increase on this day.

Are There Still Black Friday Dispensary Deals? 

Most recreational cannabis states will offer dispensary deals and discounts throughout the holiday weekend. If you have a preferred local dispensary, be sure to sign up for their email list or stop in the week before to ask about their Thanksgiving deals. 

What Are the 2022 Green Wednesday Predictions?

Whether you’re a medical patient, a dispensary regular, or a cannabis newbie, there are a few things to keep in mind when Green Wednesday shopping to help you get the best deal or find new products.

Edibles - This popular cannabis category saw a 67% increase in sales on Green Wednesday 2021. This boost includes cannabis beverages, which saw an 86% increase in sales. With marijuana beverage offerings expanding rapidly, Green Wednesday could be a good time to try a new brand or flavor.

New Strains - Cannabis companies have started to take advantage of the notoriety of the “holiday” to build buzz around new cultivars (strains) and products. Some states allow dispensary discounts and offers, and others permit companies to create reward programs for members-only perks and points. Find out what your home state allows, and use this as an opportunity to try something new.

Pre-Rolls - A dispensary classic, pre-rolls - also called “joints” - are a time-honored staple for cannabis consumers. The cannabis flower is rolled ahead of time, making these products easy and convenient if you’re on the go. Many dispensaries offer pre-rolls in a variety of sizes and strains, as well as infused pre-rolls.

Visiting a Local Dispensary

Whether you’re a cannabis newbie, a seasoned pro, or a medical-use patient, Green Wednesday is a good time to shop for products before the holiday weekend. Visit a dispensary near you, and one of our experts will help you find the right products for your Thanksgiving needs.

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