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Buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls at Your Local Dispensary

Pre-rolls are pre-rolled cannabis “joints” that are ready to smoke. No sticky mess, no gooey grinder. Just unwrap your pre-roll, spark it, and enjoy. While pre-rolls can be made with shake, they are also made by grinding cannabis flower and rolling it in rolling papers, blunt papers, or cones. While most cannabis enthusiasts love the convenience of pre-rolls—they’re perfect for cannabis consumers who don't want to roll their own joints or who want a quick and easy way to enjoy cannabis—there are plenty of other reasons to love pre-rolls.

Convenience isn’t the only reason people purchase our pre-rolls. Many cannabis enthusiasts love pre-rolls because they can try out new strains of cannabis without having to invest in expensive flower. No one wants to buy a strain and hate it, and pre-rolls help you avoid that by giving you a taste of a strain without a big commitment.

Another reason pre-rolls are popular is their consistent smoking experience. When you purchase pre-rolls from a reputable source like one of our dispensaries, you know you’re getting a quality product that burns and doses evenly. No overpacked flower or underpacked rolling papers. The amount of cannabis in each pre-roll is consistent, and the quality won’t vary from pre-roll to pre-roll.

Finally, pre-rolls can be an accessible option for someone who may not be able to pack a pipe or roll their own marijuana cigarette. Whether they’re new to cannabis flower and haven’t perfected their own roll, or they struggle with their motor skills, pre-rolls allow the experience of smoking marijuana without all the hassle.

You’ll find a variety of pre-rolls available at your local dispensary, ranging from simple shake pre-rolls to high-quality, premium flower pre-rolls. You can also find pre-rolls made with concentrates, like kief or moon rocks. These potent pre-rolls create an even more intoxicating experience that will keep you coming back to your dispensary for more.