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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

Understanding Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) was signed into law in 2016 and is currently managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. If you are interested in applying for a medical marijuana card in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we’ve compiled a few guides and FAQs to help you through the process.

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Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Pennsylvania

The first step in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is to create a profile on the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Registry. Once you are registered, the next step is to visit a physician approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to verify that you suffer from one of the state’s qualifying conditions. 

Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Individuals with one of the approved serious medical conditions can qualify for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Once you determine you have a condition on the MPP’s list, you will need to be certified by a physician who is trained and approved by the PA Department of Health. Approved physicians are listed on the Department of Health’s website. 

Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

After you have your medical marijuana certification, you’ll need to upload it to the state’s system. There are a number of important documents to keep track of, so make sure you read our Get a Card guide for step-by-step instructions.


Become a Caregiver

In Pennsylvania, patients are able to designate up to two caregivers to assist with their medical marijuana regimine. However, there are three types of patients who are required to have a caregiver: minors; home-bound adult patients; and adult patients who require assistance (e.g. a non-verbal patient). For more information, visit the PA Department of Health website.


Medical Marijuana for Minors

Patients under 18 years old will need a designated caregiver to register on their behalf in order to qualify for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program. A caregiver is typically a parent or legal guardian, but there are exceptions. To find out more about how minors can access medical marijuana, visit the PA Department of Health website.


FAQs About Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

While the Pennsylvania Department of Health does a great job explaining the ins and outs of the medical marijuana program, we still find patients have a few frequently asked questions. We’ve answered a handful of them here:

Yes, Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016. Recreational marijuana is still not allowed in the state.

Only medical marijuana patients and their caregivers are able to purchase medical marijuana in a state-licensed dispensary in Pennsylvania.

Each licensed dispensary in Pennsylvania offers products at different price points. However, patients will not need to pay a sales tax on any medical marijuana purchases.

In Pennsylvania, there is no prescription for specific medical marijuana products. Rather, you must be certified as a medical marijauna patient by an approved physician and register with the PA Department of Health. Once you have your medical marijuan patient ID card, you can purchase the medical marijuana products that work best for you. We recommend all medical marijuana patients consult their healthcare provider to determine the appropriate medical marijuana regimen.

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Helping Qualified Medical Marijuana Cardholders

We understand that even after a patient registers with the PA Department of Health, you may have questions about medical marijuana, tools to consume it, and which products are right for you. Our medical marijuana experts are on hand in all of our licensed dispensaries to help you have the best experience possible when purchasing your medical marijuana.

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