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Pre-rolled cannabis is now available in the Empire State

Make Every Moment Matter.

Get to know our matter. brands

Enjoy our complete line of medical marijuana products made for the moments that matter. Because when we experience life's simple pleasures through relaxation and connection, we find our joy.

Make Every Moment Matter.


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A complete line of cannabis products made for the moments that matter.


Our proprietary indica, sativa, and hybrid matter. medical marijuana strains boast higher terpene levels for a full-spectrum effect.


Our cannabis-derived, terpene-infused matter. vapes are a winning combination of cultivation and extraction technology.


Our fast-acting matter. capsules offer effective relief with reliable dosing.

Sour Chewable Gels

Bursting with fruit flavors, cannabis-infused chewable gels from matter. are the perfect punctuation to the day.

Chewable Tablets

A great option for those who have trouble swallowing traditional tablets or capsules, matter. Chewable tablets are full of fruit flavor with no chalky aftertaste.

Oral Solutions

Oral solutions from matter. are fast-acting and made with the highest quality ingredients.


Our 0.5g pre-rolls are as aromatic as they are convenient.

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