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Maryland Medical Marijuana

Learn How To Qualify For Medical Marijuana In The Free State

Maryland passed House Bill 881 in 2014, which launched the state’s medical cannabis program, as well as the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). The MMCC is responsible for all the policies and procedures that patients, providers, dispensaries, growers, caregivers, processors, and testing laboratories have to follow when it comes to medical cannabis. As the laws around the Maryland medical marijuana program continue to evolve, the MMCC remains the primary source for rules, regulations, and additional information.

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Become a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient

As a medical marijuana only state, Maryland limits the purchase of medical marijuana products to patients who have applied for and been approved to hold a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission card. Patients must meet certain requirements and have a diagnosis from the list of the MMCC qualifying conditions.

Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Maryland

There are several steps a Maryland resident must take to be considered for a medical marijuana card. First, the applicant must meet with a medical provider that is registered with the state to recommend medical marijuana. This provider will need to certify that the patient has a qualifying medical condition and should receive approval for medical marijuana.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland

Once you have your certification, you just fill out an application online and wait for the MMCC to review your request. For a breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take to apply for your Maryland medical marijuana card, check out our Get a Card guide.


Become a Caregiver

The state of Maryland allows for medical cannabis patients to designate up to two caregivers at one time. Caregivers can purchase medical marijuana on behalf of the registered patient. To become a caregiver in Maryland, you’ll need to receive approval from the MMCC and purchase an ID card.


Medical Cannabis for Minors

In Maryland, minors (anyone under the age of 18) can qualify for treatment with medical marijuana. To do so, they must have at least one (but as many as two) registered caregiver, with one being a legal guardian or parent caregiver. The process for registering a minor is the same as an adult, except the caregiver will need to do it on behalf of the patient.


FAQs About Medical Cannabis in Maryland

While medical marijuana isn’t new to Maryland, we still get a variety of questions about the program. To simplify the process, we’ve provided a few questions and answers here:

Yes, it is! Maryland legalized medical marijuana in 2014. Recreational marijuana is still not allowed in Maryland.

Medical marijuana can only be purchased by registered patients and caregivers in licensed medical marijauna dispensaries.

The cost of medical marijuana products varies by dispensary. However, medical patients will not pay sales tax on medical marijauna purchases.

While there is no such thing as a medical marijuana prescription in the state, Maryland residents who feel they qualify for a medical marijuana card must obtain a written certification from a healthcare practitioner and register with the MMCC. Once you have your MMCC ID card, you or your caregiver will need to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary within the state.

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Making Medical Marijuana Accessible for Patients in Maryland

We’re proud to help Maryland patients gain access to medical marijuana for the treatment of qualifying and severe conditions. Our licensed medical dispensaries in Maryland have cannabis experts on staff that can answer your questions about your MMCC card, medical marijuana, and the tools you need to consume your cannabis.

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