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Springtime Cannabis Flavors

Have you ever heard the phrase “spring is in the air?” It’s that moment you step outside and can smell the turning point from a long winter into spring. Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and flowers are starting to bloom. Some people associate this time of year with cleaning, yard work, and planting. Us? We think of our favorite terpenes. That’s because we know it’s thanks to terpenes that you can smell spring in the air at all.

Terpenes Are Nature’s Perfume

It’s true. Every rose you’ve ever sniffed, every fruit you’ve ever sliced into, and every piece of dead wood you’ve ever burned for a campfire owes its unique scent to the terpenes in its petals, leaves, and bark. In fact, scientists have discovered approximately 20,000 terpenes in nature, and they’re likely to find even more. 

It should be no surprise, then, that there are terpenes also found in marijuana—around 150 that we know of. Every single one of our favorite marijuana strains have their own terpenes that give them each their special aroma and flavor. 

Celebrating Our Three Favorite Terpenes For Spring

Our three favorite terpenes for spring make us think of flowers, fresh fruit, and late night bonfires. They’re the terpenes that inspire us to get outdoors, to stay out late with friends, and to shake off the cobwebs of winter. Of course, we can’t just talk about the terpenes, we have to talk about the strains they come in too. This way, you can celebrate the transition into spring with cannabis-centric social gatherings and fun.


Invite your friends over and get the ingredients for s’mores out because this terpene is an invitation for cool spring nights around the fire. But don’t be fooled, this terpene has beautiful notes for the day time too. Its delicately woodsy, pine-focused scent, combined with just a splash of citrus, make it the perfect terpene to indulge in while getting your spring cleaning out of the way or creating memories with loved ones.

Terpineol is used in so many different products it would be impossible to list them all, but it should be no surprise that cleaning products is one of them. In the natural world, this terpene is in tea trees, pine trees, and even eucalyptus trees.

Strain suggestions:

If you’re interested in cannabis that’s rich in this particular terpene, you’ll want to head over to your local dispensary and look for an old sativa favorite, Jack Herer; a balanced hybrid, White Widow; or the indica-dominant Skywalker OG. 

There’s so much more to learn about terpineol. Take a look at our guide today. 


This one goes out to our gardeners—especially those who love planting the popular annual, geraniums. You already know where we’re going with this. Geraniol is found in the geranium plant, as well as many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. On the shelves, you can find it in candles, perfume, and even laundry detergent.

Interestingly enough, it's also a terpene produced by bees—arguably the hardest worker of them all during the springtime. The bees use the terpene on fruits around their hive to warn off any other honeybee colonies looking to encroach on their territory. 

Strain suggestions:

If you want to bask in sweet floral notes with citrus undertones while tending to your garden—whether it’s a single hanging plant or a backyard oasis—you’ll want to look for one of our favorite hybrids: Agent Orange, a deliciously sweet indica; Purple Punch; or an always reliable sativa, Lemon G. 

Don’t stop learning about geraniol. We’ve got an entire guide devoted to this terpene.


Ocimene may be one of the most common terpenes found in nature, but that doesn’t mean its scent is common. This terpene is one of the most unique as far as we’re concerned because everyone who smells it has a different impression. Some get a crisp, sweet and fruity note when they catch the scent of ocimene in the air. Others compare it to a sprig of basil you garnish your cucumber, basil and lime gimlet with during a spring afternoon get-together with friends. 

No matter what you attribute ocimene’s aroma to, there’s no question the best descriptor for it is “refreshing,” and that’s exactly what we need for spring. 

Strain suggestions: 

Ocimene loves to add a refreshing twist to any number of strains, but some of our favorites include the berry-scented hybrid, Huckleberry; the ever popular sativa, Jack the Ripper; and an indica strain fresh from the warm coastal cities of Florida, Triangle Kush. 

There’s so much more to learn about ocimene - so check out our guide!

Create Your Own Spring Terpene Selection

We may have our favorite terpenes and the strains that contain them for spring, but we’re certain that you can add your own to the list. Be sure to visit one of our licensed dispensaries to find the strains—and their terpenes—that will help you celebrate spring.

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