Pile of ripe oranges with leaves still attached to the stems

5 Orange Marijuana Strains

When you think of the smell of an orange, what do you think? Refreshing. Uplifting. Enticing. These feelings the scent evokes are likely why some of the most used household products, essential oils, lotions and more have an orange scent. But did you know cannabis can come in orange flavors and aromas too? The same way cannabis can smell like diesel, or you can purchase apple strains, you can also head to your dispensary and pick up orange-flavored and scented strains to indulge in at home. 

What are Orange Strains?

Orange strains are exactly what they sound like—strains of cannabis that have an orange-like smell or flavor. These strains typically carry a variety of terpenes in them that give them their delicious tastes and scents, with the most common terpene being limonene. Once a strain earns its reputation for its flavor or aroma, marijuana breeders typically try to capitalize on the strain’s genetics and terpene profile, crossing it with other like-flavored or like-scented strains or creating unique combinations you might not expect.

Our Favorite Orange Strains

Enough with the science behind the orange strains. We asked our budtenders across the country what orange strains made the top of their list, and we weren’t surprised to hear the names of five strains consistently repeated. In no particular order, here are our top five orange cannabis strains:

Orange Cookies

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

One day, Orange Juice met Girl Scout Cookies, and the result was Orange Cookies, an indica-dominant hybrid with moderate levels of THC (12-18%). Orange Cookies lives up to its name with its deliciously orange flavor and citrusy scent, including just a little bit of sour on the back end that makes it tangy. While not every orange-scented or flavored flower looks orange, Orange Cookies certainly does with its bright orange hairs decorating mint-green flower bud.

Orange Creamsicle

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

With equally moderate THC levels (15-17%) to the previous orange strain, Orange Creamsicle is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s popular among both new cannabis enthusiasts and seasoned cannabis experts. While its parent strains are Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit, Orange Creamsicle has far more vanilla flavors to its orange notes, making it taste just like our favorite childhood creamsicle. If you are able to get your hands on this strain, don’t pass it up. You’ll know it by its bright orange hairs and golden trichomes.

Orange Crush

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

It wouldn’t be right to talk about orange strains and not include Orange Crush, one of the parent strains mentioned on this list. Orange Crush comes from California Orange and Blueberry, creating a sativa-dominant hybrid that might be one of the most popular orange strains on the market. Orange Crush taste exactly like you’d imagine—a bowl of sweet oranges—and contains moderate to slightly elevated levels of THC (15-22%).

Agent Orange or Agent O

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

You might not think that a combination of Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen would create another highly popular orange strain on the market, but that’s exactly how Agent Orange was made. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid popular among medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers, and while it’s typically found in Michigan and the Pacific Northwest, Agent Orange is likely to grace the shelves of most dispensaries across the country. Just go slow—Agent O packs a high THC punch at 25%.

Orange Kush

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

What happens when the sativa genetics from OG Kush are crossed with the indica genetics of Orange Bud? Orange Kush, a balanced hybrid with an orange scent that will fill the room, and an orange flavor that will delight the taste buds. Orange Kush is popular across the United States, with hot spots in both Arizona and the Pacific Northwest, and its THC levels range from a moderate 13% to a high 22% depending on your particular strain of Orange Kush. 

Answering Orange Strains FAQs

Whether we’re talking about orange strains, grape strains, red strains or blue strains, we get a lot of questions about how they got their smells, what they look like, and more. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about orange strains:

What terpenes smell like orange?
While an unknown combination of terpenes seems to be the magic mixture that creates the orange scent we love, we do know the primary terpene in the mix is actually limonene—a citrusy-scented terpene all on its own that’s popular in lemon strains.

Do orange cannabis strains have orange hairs?
While some orange cannabis strains may have orange hairs or trichomes (as they’re technically called), not all of them do. You can’t really base the smell or taste of marijuana on the color of the bud.

Where did orange cannabis come from?
Orange cannabis strains come from cannabis cultivators. When a certain strain produces a unique scent or flavor, that strain is then combined with other strains like it, leading to potent flavors like orange.

Purchasing Orange Strains

There are few scents more refreshing than a splash of orange, so it’s fun to indulge in strains that offer that aromatic experience. While these five orange strains are our favorites, there are plenty more available. Next time you’re at your local dispensary, talk to one of our budtenders. They can help you find their orange-flavored stock, and if you ask nicely, they’ll probably even tell you which one is their favorite.

Recreational cannabis is not available in all states. Cannabis is for medical use only and may only be used by certified patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania. State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and certified patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.