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Cannabis Tourism in Massachusetts

Reviewed by Jennifer Cech Vaisnoras, Vice President of Global Compliance

Whether you’re heading out for a Cape Cod marijuana vacation, visiting some 420-friendly hotels in Massachusetts, or just spending a long weekend with friends and family, cannabis tourism is as popular as any other type of travel in the Bay State. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about cannatourism in Massachusetts, including: 

  • What is 420 Tourism in Massachusetts?
  • How Should I Prepare for My Dispensary Visit?
  • Are There 420-Friendly Hotels In Massachusetts?
  • What Cannabis Tours & Events Are There In Massachusetts?
  • FAQs About Cannabis Tourism in Massachusetts

What Is 420 Tourism in Massachusetts?

When people talk about 420 tourism in Massachusetts, they’re referring to in-state residents or out-of-state visitors who visit certain places in the Bay State with the purpose of learning more about, purchasing, and consuming marijuana.

“Cannabis tourism, or ‘420 tourism,’ is a new industry that is becoming increasingly popular,” says Jennifer Cech Vaisnoras, vice president of global compliance at PharmaCann. “Massachusetts welcomes out-of-state tourists to enjoy the local recreational dispensaries, as long as they follow the state’s rules and regulations.”

Depending on the cannatourist—that is, someone traveling for cannabis—they may be visiting the Cape, the Berkshires, or Boston, and stopping at a Wareham dispensary or Shrewsbury dispensary along the way.

How Should I Prepare for My Dispensary Visit?

According to Cech Vaisnoras, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you enter a Massachusetts recreational dispensary:

  • Do you have a valid photo ID? - Both Massachusetts residents and visitors over the age of 21 are allowed to visit a recreational dispensary, as long as you show a valid, state-licensed photo ID.

  • Do you have cash? - Remember that you’ll also need to bring cash, as most dispensaries are not able to accept credit or debit cards. If you aren’t carrying cash, you’ll likely find an ATM inside the dispensary. This is also helpful in ensuring you have the right amount of cash to account for the Massachusetts cannabis taxes.

  • Did you account for sales tax? - Recreational cannabis shoppers can expect to pay the following taxes on all purchases, so be sure to account for this when deciding how much cash to bring:
    • 6.25% sales tax
    • 10.75% state excise tax
    • Up to 3% local tax, depending on local laws

“Cannabis regulation is on a state (and sometimes local) level, which means each state sets its own sales or excise tax for cannabis,” says Cech Vaisnoras. “In Massachusetts, medical marijuana patients–Massachusetts residents with a medical marijuana card–are not required to pay any sales tax. Recreational cannabis customers, whether they are in-state residents or tourists, however, can expect to pay taxes ranging from 17% to 20% on their purchases.”

Once you purchase your marijuana, you will have a few rules you need to follow upon leaving the dispensary.

  • Your marijuana products must be sealed.
  • You cannot display or consume marijuana in public.
  • Only consume cannabis in your lodging or accommodations if they allow it; most do not.
  • You cannot cross state lines with marijuana. This is true even if the state you are traveling to also allows cannabis consumption.  
  • You cannot mail marijuana, whether in-state or out of state.

Are There 420-Friendly Hotels in Massachusetts?

Yes, there are definitely 420-friendly hotels in Massachusetts. While many popular hotel chains do not allow marijuana consumption on their property, there are plenty of private establishments that do. In fact, there is an entire website——which caters to helping people find marijuana-friendly accommodations.

“Remember that while these are private lodgings, it’s important to check each individual owners’ rules before consuming marijuana on the property,” notes Cech Vaisnoras. “Property owners are within their rights to prohibit any form of marijuana consumption when in their facilities, and many do. And please remember proper etiquette; some forms of cannabis consumption have a greater impact on the surrounding environment, so be aware of your fellow guests.”

What Cannabis Tours & Events Are There in Massachusetts?

There are cannabis tours, events, private dining parties, and more in Massachusetts. There are even companies that specialize in cannabis weddings! There are also private dining establishments, clubs, and even a mobile lounge for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. 

The best way to find events where you’re going to be staying is a quick Google search that includes the name of where you’re staying in Massachusetts and includes keywords like “cannabis” and “event” or “tour.” If you’re staying in Boston, you won’t have any issue finding activities to enjoy. In more remote locations, you might want to look for events before booking your trip, that way you can make sure you’re there when the events happen. (Remember to plan ahead and have a designated driver for those who plan to partake!)

Answering FAQs About Cannabis Tourism in Massachusetts

Cannatourism is popular with both in-state residents and out-of-state visitors in Massachusetts. Because of this, we get a variety of frequently asked questions. To make it easy to get the information you need, Cech Vaisnoras has provided answers and tips for Massachusetts canna-tourists. Remember, that these rules can change, so be sure to check before you travel, and feel to discuss with the team at the dispensary you visit. 

How much cannabis can I buy in Massachusetts?
Recreational marijuana shoppers in Massachusetts are only allowed to purchase a certain amount of cannabis products per day: 1 ounce of cannabis flower; or 5 grams of concentrates; or 20 servings (i.e. portions) of edibles with a combined total of 100 mg of THC.

Remember that there are possession limits as well, which means you are not able to walk around with unlimited amounts of cannabis.

What are the possession limits in Massachusetts?
Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to carry: 1 ounce of cannabis flower or 5 grams of concentrates.

Can I take cannabis home with me?
While you can absolutely take cannabis home with you if you live in Massachusetts, you cannot take cannabis home if you live out of state. It is illegal to cross state lines with marijuana.

Can I mail cannabis home?
As a federal entity, the U.S. Postal Service will not handle or ship cannabis. UPS, FedEx, and other private shippers, will also not allow cannabis to be shipped using their services. Mailing a package of cannabis still counts as crossing state lines, so be sure to either consume your marijuana before leaving the state or dispose of it properly.

Where can I consume cannabis in Massachusetts?
Cannabis can only be consumed on private property in Massachusetts, so any public area or federal land is off limits. You also cannot have any open or unsecured marijuana in your vehicle, whether you are the driver or passenger.

It is possible that certain landlords or rental accommodation managers allow marijuana consumption on their property, see above regarding hotels. You should always check with the property manager where you’re staying before consuming cannabis.

 “As long as you abide by Massachusetts’ laws regarding cannabis purchase and consumption, you will have a great canna-vacation in the Bay State,” says Cech Vaisnoras.

Enjoying Cannabis Tourism in Massachusetts

If you’re interested in participating in cannatourism, it’s important to know the rules in the state of Massachusetts before traveling so you can arrange accommodations and activities that work for you. Once your plans are finalized, head on over to one of our marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts to get the cannabis products you need.

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