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THC Edibles for Sale in Chicago (River North) - Recreational

Sooo Delightful.

Shop matter. Gummy Bites

90 products available at Verilife Chicago - River North, IL

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  1. CBG
    Limoncello CBG 1:1 Gummy [10ct]
    Limoncello CBG 1:1 Gummy [10ct]
    size 100mg
    thc 100mg
    cbd -
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
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  2. Wildberry Gummy [5ct]
    Wildberry Gummy [5ct]
    size 50mg
    thc 50mg
    cbd -
    Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $20.00
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  3. CBN
    Lunaberry CBN 2:1:1 Gummy [10ct]
    Lunaberry CBN 2:1:1 Gummy [10ct]
    size 100mg
    thc 100mg
    cbd 50mg
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
    Added to Bag
  4. Watermelon Gummy [10ct]
    Watermelon Gummy [10ct]
    size 100mg
    thc 100mg
    cbd -
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
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  7. Hybrid
    Apple 1:4 Gummy [20ct]
    Apple 1:4 Gummy [20ct]
    size 100mg
    thc 100mg
    cbd 400mg
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $30.00
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Shop Recreational Edibles in Chicago

It’s no surprise that THC-infused edibles are a favorite among our recreational shoppers. These versatile infused treats can be found in a variety of forms, flavors, and strengths, making them an approachable way to tailor your consumption preferences.

We have a ton of options on our Chicago River North recreational menu. Here are just a few of the product types available at our dispensary. 

Gummies: THC-infused gummies are one of the most popular products for our recreational shoppers. Not only can you find just about any flavor you want, they’re offered in a wide range of strengths to make them easy to dose. 

Chocolates & Baked Goods: If you prefer a cannabis product that also satisfies your sweet tooth, take a look at infused chocolates and baked goods. Recreational shoppers can enjoy anything from classic chocolate bars and cookies to adventurous sweets and dramatic flavors.

THC Powder: Did you know you can turn anything into an edible with these innovative products? You can buy flavored or unflavored THC powders to mix into different food or drinks for the most discreet cannabis experience. 

Capsules & Tablets: THC pills are another consumption method for recreational shoppers to explore. A straight-to-the-point product, capsules and tablets are versatile in both dosage and cannabinoid content.

RSO: RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s taken orally rather than smoked. This dark-colored liquid comes in a syringe for easy dosing–an important feature as RSO is incredibly potent.

Recreational cannabis menus can be overwhelming, so make sure to review what is available on our Chicago River North menu. We always recommend reserving your products online before coming into our dispensary. That way, if you have any questions, you know what to ask the budtender once you arrive. 

Looking for medical cannabis products? Check out our other locations in the Chicago area.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have questions? No problem! Here are a few of the most common we get at our dispensary.

Are edibles legal in Chicago?
Yes. Recreational cannabis use – which includes edibles – is legal in Illinois for adults 21 and older. Be sure to check local laws for full details.

Do I need a medical marijuana card to buy edibles at your dispensary?
No. In 2020, recreational cannabis became legal for adults in Illinois, so you do not need a medical marijuana card to buy edibles in Illinois.

How many edibles can I purchase at your Chicago dispensary? 
The amount of edibles you are permitted to purchase in Illinois depends on your status as a state resident. If you are an Illinois resident, you can purchase up to 500 milligrams of THC-infused products. If you are not an Illinois resident, you are able to buy up to 250 milligrams of THC-infused products. 

And while you’re shopping at our dispensary, check out other products we offer in Chicago, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vapes.