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Terpineol Terpene: What is Terpineol?

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Terpineol is the perfect example of a small but mighty terpene because it’s usually only available in tiny amounts, but it still can play a key role in certain cannabis strains. In this guide, we’ll explain: 

  • What is Terpineol?
  • What Does Terpineol Smell and Taste Like? 
  • Where Can You Find Terpineol?
  • What Strains are Heavy in Terpineol?

What is Terpineol?

Terpineol, also called a-terpineol or alpha terpineol, is one in a group of four monoterpene alcohol isomers. The others are β-, γ-, and 4-terpineol. In short, terpineol is a minor terpene when compared to others like humulene or caryophyllene, but it still can play a key part in the smell and taste of certain cannabis strains.

What Does It Smell and Taste Like?

Terpineol smells and tastes...unique. The truth is, it has a variety of smells and flavors. Some people get pine undertones, others give it more of a floral or even woodsy scent. Some suggest it is actually more citrusy, like limonene. So what can we say for sure? Terpineol has a fresh scent to it.

Where Can You Find It?

You know if we’re talking about it, it can be found in cannabis strains. Terpineol can also be found in a variety of other places in the natural world and on store shelves near you. Out in the world, terpineol can be found in lilacs, tea tree, lime blossom, pine trees, eucalyptus sap, and even apples. (Makes sense why we said it’s hard to nail down the scent of terpineol now, doesn’t it?)

Terpineol has been used in a variety of different products, including soap, cleaning products, pest repellents, but it was also historically used as a natural remedy. Here in the United States, however, we don’t have any clear scientific research to back this up, but that doesn’t change the fact that the aromatherapy industry scooped up this terpene for use in many essential oils. 

What Strains Are Heavy In Terpineol?

Finding strains that are specifically rich in terpineol is difficult, but there are plenty of strains that have terpineol in them. These strains are just a few of our favorites:

  • Jack Herer or JH, The Jack, Premium Jack, Platinum Jack: This sativa-dominant strain was named after the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It was created in the mid-1990s and has since won awards for its quality and potency. 
  • White Widow: Combine a Brazilian sativa landrace and a South Indian indica and you get this balanced hybrid. White Widow is a strain chock full of white crystal resin that makes it not just a potent flower but a beautiful one. White Widow is such a popular strain that it has been bred to create other famous strains, including White Russian and White Rhino. 
  • Area 51: Like its namesake, no one really knows what’s going on with Area 51. Okay, that’s not entirely true. We don’t know where Area 51 originated from, but we know it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with citrus and floral undertones that are a pleasure to enjoy for many cannabis connoisseurs. 
  • Pink Lemonade: Fruity, minty, citrusy and sweet—these are all words used to describe the flavor and aroma of this unique hybrid marijuana strain. Pink Lemonade comes in small buds, but they are decorated in trichomes on pretty jade-green leaves and sure to be a favorite of kief fans. 
  • Ice Cream aka Ice Cream Kush: Looking for a unique flavor and aroma combination? Look no further than this hybrid cannabis strain. Here’s why: The terpene combination in these dense buds creates a vanilla and pine flavor, but the aroma is fresh skunk. Don’t let that put you off though. This exotic strain is an award-winning cultivar
  • Gelato or Gelato #42: To understand why this strain got its name, you have to know where it came from. Gelato, a balanced hybrid, was created when Sunset Sherbet was crossed with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. You can probably guess its flavors, too. Gelato is sweet, fruity, creamy and delicious, and the buds themselves are beautiful—a combination of dark purple bloom with bright orange hairs. Don’t be surprised if you see other strains on the market either—Gelato has helped create Gelato #3, #41, and #45. 
  • Orange Crush: Want to experience cannabis that tastes like candy? Look no further than Orange Crush, a hybrid marijuana strain with a downright decadently sweet flavor profile. Orange Crush was made by crossing California Orange and Blueberry, so there’s no question where its flavors come from. 

These strains are just a few examples of cannabis that contains terpineol, but there are countless others available. If you’re looking for one of these strains or something else, visit one of our licensed marijuana dispensaries. Our cannabis experts can help you find the right products for you that are available in your area. 

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