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Your THC Pairing Guide for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Verilife

Cinco de Mayo may celebrate the Mexican army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla, but today it’s a day to honor Mexican culture in America. Whether you’re enjoying dishes from your favorite local Latinx eatery or hosting a backyard barbecue to celebrate the return of the warm weather, here are a few suggestions to take your Fifth of May to the next level.

Light, Citrus Flower

The cannabis novice may not associate THC with a refreshing flavor, but there are plenty of strains that boast limonene-dominant terpene profiles. Limonene is the chemical found in citrus fruits and other plants that give off that familiar zesty scent. It also occurs naturally in cannabis, as well as other plants like juniper, rosemary, and mint. Cannabis strains with limonene terpenes will pair well with any dishes that could use an extra hint of lemon or lime.

Try these limonene-dominant strains at your local dispensary:

Lemon-Lime Punch
Black Diamond
Mr. Clean
Island Lime Haze x Super Lemon Haze
Tropical Sunrise



Refreshing and Fruity Seltzer

Cannabis-infused seltzers and drinks are having a big moment, with major beverage companies jumping on the “Weed Claw” trend.

Cannabis drinks provide a different consumption experience, allowing for more social interactions without worrying about the smells from flower or vapes. The effects are typically felt much sooner than edibles, but, depending on the amount of THC in the beverage, it can be drawn out until the entire drink is gone.

Whether you want to mix your cannabis beverage with other ingredients or enjoy it over ice, here are a few fruity options to try:

Cherry Limeade
Lemon Lime Celebrate
Raspberry Lime Archive
Keef Lemonade Mocktail



Complementary Edible Pairings

Cheese and charcuterie boards are a party staple, but you can give your guests a new twist by adding edibles to your (adults-only!) arrangement.

Edibles come in so many forms and flavors, there’s something for every gathering. Classic THC-infused chocolate bars and baked goods are great for a dessert spreads, while tangy or sour gummies can complement salami and cheese boards. Regardless of how you want to arrange your dish, make sure to include labels so guests know which items contain THC and how much is in each dose.

Check out a few of our recommended edibles to bring out the flavors of your favorite arrangements:

Raspberry Limeade Sour Chews
Blackberry Lemonade Amethysts
Keef Lemonade Gummiese
1:1 Lemon Lime Gummies
Key Lime Pie Chocolates


Find out what products are available at your local Verilife dispensary.


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