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Allman Brothers Band Flower

Allman Brothers Band & matter.x

Verilife and matter.x are proud to present an exclusive collaboration with the legendary Allman Brothers Band. Experience the sweet sounds of this legendary band with our Chocolate Chunk Flower, available exclusively at Verilife dispensaries.


Allman Brothers Band Cannabis Strain

"Allman Brothers Band flower packagomg"Our Allman Brothers Band Chocolate Chunk marijuana strain will have you saying "The Road Goes on Forever." Rich dark chocolate flavor sprinkled with spice, the forthcoming euphoria is like the happy rush that comes from your first live concert. It can also entice you to treat yourself to a jam sesh in your living room, lulling you into sweet serenity with the greatest of all time playing in your ears.

Chocolate Chunk is a calming companion for moments that call for a little self-love and Allman Brothers Band. Chocolate Chunk boasts Afghani landrace strain heritage- a 100% indica, heart-shaped, direct descendent of this beloved bud. 


Find our exclusive Allman Brothers Band flower at an Illinois dispensary near you!

Enjoy the classics from the Allman Brothers Band with our exclusive matter. playlist!


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