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Ohio Medical Marijuana

Qualifying For The Medical Marijuana Program In Ohio

The Buckeye State passed House Bill 523 in 2016, legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio. Today, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) allows patients who have a qualifying medical condition to apply for a medical cannabis card, known as an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card. 

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Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Ohio

The process to become a medical marijuana patient in Ohio involves several steps, including a certification from a state-approved physician and registering with the MMCP. Once you have your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card, you’ll be able to purchase products from a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary. 

Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Ohio

To become a medical marijuana patient in Ohio, you must be certified by a state-approved physician that you suffer from one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions. If you do not have a condition on the list, but you and your physician both feel like you would be a good candidate for medical marijuana treatment, you can petition the State Medical Board of Ohio. 

Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Ohio

Your medical physician will submit all of the necessary certification and forms to the state for review. However, there are still several steps you’ll need to take to help in the application process. Follow our Ohio-specific Get a Card guide for more information.


Become a Caregiver

Medical marijuana patients are allowed to have up to two caregivers in Ohio. These individuals will need to work with the patient’s certifying doctor to gain approval. To learn more about becoming a caregiver, visit the MMCP website


Medical Cannabis for Minors

In Ohio, minors can become eligible to treat an approved condition with medical marijuana, provided they have the consent of a parent or a legal guardian. Minors are also required to have an adult caregiver. To qualify, the minor must have a certification from their physician, and the caregiver must register the minor and themselves with the MMCP.


FAQs About Medical Marijuana in Ohio

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is the ultimate authority for all legislation around medical marijuana in the state. As licensed providers in the state, we often get frequently asked questions about the program and purchasing medical marijuana. We’ve answered a few of those here:

Yes, it is. Ohio has authorized medical marijuana in the form of dry medical flower, extracts, vape cartridges, topical salves, and many other products.

To purchase medical marijuana in Ohio, you must be certified by an approved physician and registered with the MCCP. Then, you can only purchase medical marijuana in a licensed medical dispensary.

While dispensaries set their own prices, medical marijuana patients can expect to pay a 5.75% sales tax for each purchase.

Specific medical marijuana products are not prescribed. Rather, a physician certifies patients for the treatment of medical marijuana. Once certified, a patient can purchase medical marijuana that suits their needs. We encourage all medical marijuana patients to consult with their physician to determine the appropriate product regimen.

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Purchasing Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Our medical cannabis experts at our licensed dispensaries are here to help simplify the medical marijuana card application process. Find a location near you and visit us today.

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