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Massachusetts medical marijuana for children & vets

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Info for Children & Veterans

Some people are surprised to learn that medical marijuana is an option for children. For kids with epilepsy, cancer, and other conditions, anecdotal evidence shows support for its benefits. 

At Verilife, we believe that no one should have to suffer when a medication that can help relieve their symptoms exists—least of all children. That’s why we advocate for access for everyone, including kids, and ensure that we bring the real information about its potential to help.

How to get a card for a qualifying child living in Massachusetts

  • A qualifying patient who is younger than 18 years old
  • Has been diagnosed by two Massachusetts licensed certifying physicians (at least one of whom is a board-certified pediatrician or a board-certified pediatric sub-specialist) with a debilitating life-limiting illness
  • Must have a parent or guardian serve as a caregiver.


Info For Massachusetts veterans

The challenges of life after military service can be difficult to navigate, and we're here to help. From the potential to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD), to provide an alternative to opioids for chronic pain, medical marijuana holds numerous possibilities to help the many men and women who have served this country.

Veterans who qualify for access to medical cannabis can register with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program and do not have to pay annual registration fees.

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