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“You might be surprised how some of these products can enhance your life.” - Ryne Sandberg

New to Marijuana? Here’s Ryne’s Advice.

Before visiting a Verilife cultivation center and dispensary, Ryne Sandberg didn’t know much about cannabis or the many products available.

“Visiting a Verilife cultivation center reminded me of visiting Napa Valley,” said Sandberg. “You see how the grapes go through the process and how respectful and regulated it is. I saw a lot of similarities between the two.”

After speaking with an expert Verilife Illinois budtender, Ryne was able to select the products that are right for his lifestyle.

matter.lite Gummies

Have you ever thought to yourself “sometimes a little is just enough”? We have created a new line of lighter cannabis gummies for those who want to enjoy life’s occasions and still feel in control.


matter.lite Raspberry Tincture

An early method of cannabis consumption, tinctures have long been used to maximize the benefits of cannabis plant extraction. Our tincture is loaded with Quik+ technology that aids in a faster onset. Formulated in a 12.5ml bottle allows for discreet application. Each drop of bliss is packed with subtle tart hints of raspberry that will tantalize your taste buds.


matter. Apple Sour Gummy Bites

Bursting with fruit flavors, matter. premium cannabis-infused sour gummy bites give your taste buds the perfect punctuation to the day. Every bite is made with emulsified THC for faster-acting onsets.


Learn more about Ryne and check out his Illinois events.


Curious about what products are right for you? Speak to an expert at your local Verilife dispensary.


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