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Ohio State & Federal Medical Marijuana Regulations

Medical Marijuana Regulations in Ohio

Registration Card

The patient or caregiver must notify the Ohio Board of Pharmacy:

  • Within 7 calendar days of learning that their registry identification card is used fraudulently;
  • Within 7 calendar days of learning that their patient or caregiver registry was accessed without authorization;
  • No later than 30 calendar days of any changes in the information previously provided, other than a change in a qualifying condition; and 
  • Patients deceased (must be reported by the caregiver or patient's legal representative)

Please note, the list of reporting obligations listed above is not an all-inclusive list of every reporting obligation for patients or caregivers under the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. Please refer to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website for more information regarding the reporting obligations for patients and caregivers.

Federal Laws on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana remains a Controlled Substance under Federal Law. Thus, its possession and use are currently illegal under Federal Law.

Always seek the advice of your attorney before purchasing, possessing, or using medical marijuana, and regarding the resulting risks and penalties that may be imposed by the federal government. The information and materials provided to you by Verilife should not be used as a substitute for the information and knowledge that your attorney should provide to you.

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