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Compassion for Kids - Medical Cannabis for Children

A true way to heal for patients of all ages.

Some people are surprised to learn that medicinal cannabis is an option for children. For kids with epilepsy, cancer and other conditions, anecdotal evidence shows support for its benefits. 

At Verilife, we believe that no one should have to suffer when a medication that can help relieve their symptoms exists—least of all children. That’s why we advocate for access for everyone, including kids, and ensure that we bring the real information about its possibilities to help.

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What are the next steps?

Learn more about the application process and get started.



Here's how children in Ohio can get certified for medicinal cannabis: 

  • Be certified by an Ohio physician who is certified to recommend medical cannabis and who can certify that the minor has a qualifying condition
  • A legal resident of Ohio with proof of residency*
  • Consent for treatment with medical marijuana is obtained from the minors parents or another person responsible for providing consent to treatment
  • Have a parent or legal representative serve as their caregiver who is 18 years or older

If a prospective patient is younger than eighteen years of age, a patient registration submission must be accompanied by a caregiver registration submission before it will be considered complete. 

*You may apply for an Ohio ID card for your child at any deputy registrar location.


Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers

No matter your level of comfort or knowledge of medical cannabis, we can help answer your questions. Our friendly patient care representatives are happy to talk.

Our hours are 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST. 



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Did you know that most medical marijuana information is state-specific? We have dispensaries in each of the above states, along with state-specific resources for patients. For the best experience, please select a state.