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Legally Purchasing Medical Marijuana in Ohio

A patient and the patient's caregiver(s) may collectively purchase, within a ninety-day period, no more than a ninety-day supply. A ninety-day supply may consist of multiple forms of medical cannabis, but the total ninety-day supply shall not exceed a ninety-day supply - whether purchased as a single form or aggregated across forms. A ninety-day supply is defined by form as follows:

  • Up to 8 ounces of tier I medical cannabis (Tier 1 cannabis must test at or below 23 percent THC)
  • Up to 5.3 ounces of tier II medical cannabis (Tier 2 cannabis must test above 23 percent THC but not more than 35 percent THC)
  • Patches, lotions, creams, and other topical forms of medical cannabis totaling no more than 26.55 grams of THC
  • Up to 9.9 grams of THC from cannabis oil, tincture, capsules, and other edible forms
  • Up to 53.1 grams of THC in oil for vaporization

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