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‘‘Educate yourself on the new generation of cannabis.’’ -Ryne Sandberg

The Newest Player on Team Cannabis: Ryne Sandberg

Baseball Hall of Famer. Nine-time Golden Glove Winner. New cannabis user.

Ryne Sandberg has joined Team Verilife Illinois to share his story about how cannabis has improved his life and allowed him to stay active. From helping increase his energy to taking the edge off after an active day, cannabis has become part of his lifestyle.

Photo of Ryne Sandberg

“Verilife really helped me understand what cannabis was all about. It isn’t anything like I thought it was,” says Sandberg.

“Now I want to help educate people to break the stigma so they can enhance their lives the way that I have.”

The stereotype of the lazy stoner has gone hand-in-hand with marijuana use for far too long. Despite evidence suggesting otherwise, many are still hesitant to challenge the age-old “couch potato” image.

Cannabis legalization (on a state-by-state basis) is still fairly new in the United States, so we are only now realizing the potential benefits marijuana use can have on people’s lives. But the first step in breaking the stigma is to educate yourself on the possibilities.

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Ryno on FOX Chicago

Ryne Sandberg visits FOX Chicago to discuss his partnership with Verilife and ending the stigma around cannabis use.

video of Ryne Sandberg on FOX Chicago


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