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Digital Payment Methods in Massachusetts Dispensaries

The mobile debit payment app for Massachusetts dispensaries.

CanPay is a debit payment app that allows you to pay for your purchases at our Massachusetts dispensaries. Through CanPay, you'll be able to debit purchases at Verilife's Massachusetts locations with no convenience fee. 

Why use CanPay?

  • It’s Fee Free: no “convenience” or other fees when you make a purchase
  • It’s Convenient: no pre-planning to get cash
  • It’s Secure: Cutting edge security means only you can make purchases with your account
  • It’s Simple: Just generate a unique payment PIN in your CanPay app and you’re ready to make a purchase
  • It’s Debit: A debit is made to your checking account in the exact amount of your purchase

How to Enroll

  • Open the CanPay app.
  • Select CREATE.
  • Select ENROLL Complete all fields and select NEXT.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN and select a security question and answer (make sure you check the AUTHORIZATION BOX).
  • Select SUBMIT and you will be redirected to the account status screen.

CanPay Consumer Helpline:
(877) 564-5171

Note: CanPay provides a secure data transfer service that facilitates funds transfers by its partner banks. CanPay does not receive funds for transmission or transmit funds.

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