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Illinois Opioid Alternative Program

Relief is here.

Opioids are addictive. Thankfully, they’re no longer your only option for pain management. If you have a current prescription for an opioid, or would otherwise be prescribed an opioid, you can now choose to find relief with medical marijuana. You are eligible to apply for a renewable, 90-day medical marijuana card. Verilife's Illinois Marijuana Dispensaries can help guide you through the application process so you can start truly living.


Connect with a practitioner

Connect virtually with a licensed practitioner to find out if medical marijuana is right for you.


Opioid dependence can happen in just 5 days
Every day, 130 Americans die after overdosing on opioids
No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose


Call 888-493-6066 to speak with one of our patient care specialists who can help guide you through the application process and answer any questions you have.


Stop into a Verilife Illinois Marijuana Dispensary near you during business hours for a one-on-one consultation to see whether you qualify for the opioid alternative program. We can help you through the application process. We have dispensaries in Arlington Heights, North Aurora, Ottawa, and Romeoville.

Apply Online

If you have already visited your physician and your physician has submitted your online certification, you can apply online.


Verilife Marijuana Dispensary - Arlington Heights, IL
1816 S. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
United States

Verilife River North
60 W. Superior
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

Verilife Galena
115 Perry
Galena, IL 61036
United States

Verilife North Aurora
161 South Lincolnway
Suite 301
North Aurora, IL 60542
United States

Verilife Ottawa
4104 North Columbus Street
Ottawa, IL 61350
United States

Verilife Romeoville
1335 Lakeside Drive
Unit 4
Romeoville, IL 60446
United States

Verilife Rosemont
5540 Park Place
Rosemont, IL 60018
United States

Verilife Schaumburg
150 Barrington Road
Schaumburg, IL 60194
United States

How it works:

If you have a current prescription for an opioid, or you could be prescribed an opioid-based on generally-accepted standards of care, you could qualify for medical cannabis. To begin, you must:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Have an in-person visit with your physician (who is registered with the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP)

After your in-person visit, your physician will need to submit information to the Illinois Department of Health about your qualifications for enrollment and your diagnosis. Once your physician has submitted the necessary information to the state, you are ready to enroll in OAPP.

Registration for the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program can only be completed online. You will need:

  • A valid email address
  • IL Drivers License or State ID (Cannot be a Commercial Driver's License or School Bus Permit)
  • Electronic proof of address documentation
  • An electronic, passport-style photograph
  • Designate Verilife as your dispensary
  • Credit or debit card for $10 co-payment for each 90-day registration

Once your physician has completed your online certification and you submit your online application with your co-pay, you will receive an auto-generated email with a 90-day OAPP medical cannabis card. This will provide you with immediate access to visit Verilife and make a purchase.

Register Now

If after 90 days you still qualify for the OAPP, you will need to re-enroll.

What you need to re-enroll in the program:

  • In-person office visit with your physician
  • New physician certification submitted online by your doctor that is registered with the Illinois Department of Health Opioid Alternative Pilot Program
  • Updated registration and $10 co-payment

Frequently asked questions

Once your physician submits your patient certification and you complete your online application, you will receive an auto-generated email with a 90-day OAPP medical cannabis card. This will provide you with immediate access to visit a Verilife dispensary.

You should always have an open and honest conversation with your physician. If your doctor does not wish to register and participate, ask him or her for a referral from a physician who is registered to participate.

Our Call Center is available at (888) 493-6066 Monday-Friday 8am-4:30 pm CST to assist. Assistance is also available through the state of Illinois certified local health departments.


No. You will receive an email with your OAPP card that you can print and take to Verilife and make a purchase. You can also present the email from the IDPH with your card.

No. You can only participate in one program. Patients with a qualifying condition may choose to enroll in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program.

There are no separate provisions for the Opioid Alternative program for Veterans. We encourage you to establish a relationship with a registered physician in order to submit an application. Federal physicians are not able to participate.

Call 888-493-6066 for application assistance. You can also stop in any of our dispensaries. If you have received a physician certification, click here to register for the Illinois Opioid Alternative Program.


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