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Verilife Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis + Friendly Staff + Guidance =


Whether you’re seeking relief or relaxation, focus, or fun, there’s a path to safe, informed marijuana use for you. Every day we strive to dispel outdated perceptions associated with cannabis and encourage a new appreciation of its many benefits. Experience the warm, welcoming, and supportive guidance of the Verilife community so you can confidently choose the marijuana products that fit your lifestyle.



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Illinois Adult-use Customers

Walk-ins welcome, reservations preferred

Matter Origins D8 Vape Cartridge

Clear mind & body-relaxing qualities

Available to New York patients.

A new vaping experience with cannabis-derived terpenes. Origins Delta 8-THC (a counterpart of Delta 9-THC) are infused with cannabis-derived terpenes and have been described as having lower psychotropic qualities than Delta 9-THC, potentially promoting a calmer, more focused, and clear-headed experience.

Terpene profile


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Medical marijuana card

Learn more about how to get a medical marijuana card.

Marijuana comes in many different forms and consumption methods. 

Things to know about making a recreational purchase in Illinois and Massachusetts.


We have convenient locations in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


What Products are Right for Me?

If you’re new to marijuana, trying to determine what product is right for y ou can be overwhelming. Our Verilife representatives can help guide you based on what you want to achieve.


Facts of the Matter

Marijuana has a variety of benefits for the mind and body. It can aid in managing pain for various ailments, help reduce symptoms or be a source for positive overall well-being.

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